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What’s so special about serviced offices?

Serviced offices are the Amazon of today’s business landscape. They have been changing the way business is executed. What’s so special about serviced offices, is that they are innovative, brilliantly thought-off, and offer great office space experience on a limited budget and on flexible payment terms. Serviced offices are fully furnished office spaces for businesses to test their feet in the UAE corporate world, especially if you’re establishing a new business or opening a new branch in Dubai. If are just starting your business or want to test the market conditions, here is why you are better off renting a serviced office:

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Serviced Offices Are Cost Effective

Most small businesses find that if not for serviced offices, they may never have enjoyed the possibility of having an office. The best part of serviced offices is benefiting from significant cost savings. With no initial set-up cost, you save more than 75% of your startup capital. Moreover, there are no maintenance and office upgrade costs. You can start with flexible terms in 4 checks, and if you’re lucky on a monthly payment plan. You won’t be paying for utilities, internet connectivity, and your furniture.

Maintaining A Serviced Office is Hassle-free

Renting space and turning it into an office often takes a lot of time and careful planning. You’ll have to buy furniture, an entire communication system, and even hire an interior designer to win over your clients. Don’t forget to file for electricity and water services. Add cable and internet services to that. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much work in setting up an office, especially if this is your first time. Serviced offices come with furnishing and all other amenities that you desire.

Professional Support Services

New and small businesses often don’t have the privilege of investing in full support services. They make do without an IT department or an HR department. But, there is so much that could go wrong in a functioning office space. If you suddenly find that the copy machine has given up on you, you don’t have to go looking for an IT guy. You can enjoy complimentary support services in your serviced office. They are just a call away when you go with a serviced office. Furthermore, business centers that house serviced offices often have all other services within their package. Do you have lots of courier and logistics requirements? Or you might need a receptionist to take meeting minutes when you’re in an important meeting? Do you need translation services in real time? All of these professional support services allow you to focus on growing your business, while they handle the low-value tasks.

Risk Minimization

Office furniture and its infrastructure are assets that take up a big chunk of any company’s fixed capital. With a serviced office in the picture, you minimize your risk of tying up your precious capital. Such pragmatic measures often make all the difference between success and failure in a new business. Most regular offices don’t use their meeting rooms more than 50% per year, which means that you might be spending more on that space. Furthermore, if things do go the way you like in your business, the contract can be broken provided you cover the early termination fees. With a regular office space, it will be quite difficult to terminate the contract early.

Are serviced offices in Dubai the right choice for you? Reach out to fluidmeet to know more about what’s so special about serviced offices. We offer 100% reliable, objective, and customized advice based on what you want. We’ll fit all thoughts into a set of options that would be right for you.

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