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Wedding Prep 101: Things to Consider for the Right Wedding Venue

The hardest part of planning a wedding is finding the right wedding venue for your big day. You need to consider your budget, preferences, number of guests, and several other factors to organize a successful wedding. While there are several venue options like banquet halls, outdoor event venues, and ballrooms in Dubai, Sharjah, and surrounding cities, you have to pick one that meets your needs. 

To make things easier, we’ve mentioned some of the top things to consider when choosing a marriage hall. By keeping the following factors in mind, you can make an informed decision and make amazing memories on your big day. Read further to know what you should do when choosing a venue.

Consider Your Budget

Whether you’re planning to invite 50 guests or 500, your budget will play an important role in deciding the venue. Always think about the type of event and the number of guests attending to choose an ideal venue. That’s because the charges of renting out a venue depend on many factors apart from type, location, and size of the area.

Generally, in the UAE, you have to pay per head. So if you get a menu with more options, it changes the per-head cost. Note that there are many other wedding-related expenses you’ll have to pay down the line. So prepare a budget outlining how much you can afford to pay for the venue. Then, based on your budget, you can look for affordable wedding venues.

Use Your Wedding Vision

All of us have expectations about what our wedding should look like, especially the venue. Hence, you must have your particular wedding style in mind. Consider your vision and budget to choose the right wedding venue. Here are some of the most trendy venue options for inspiration.


An old library or building with 19thcentury wooden designs, marble floors, and a high ceiling makes for a great vintage-themed marriage hall.


If you want to host a conventional wedding, you can choose a country club, golf course, or banquet hall.


Choose a venue with soft and dreamy lights, a pastel color scheme, and soulful music. In this case, romantic wedding halls in Dubai or ballrooms in Dubai are perfect for you.

Destination Wedding

UAE and GCC have a range of options for a destination wedding, from gardens with super scenic views to beaches with a beautiful skyline. In fact, there are multiple choices in a single destination category. This way, you can easily plan a destination wedding.


Venue aesthetics have become very important for couples. Therefore, contemporary designed venues are a major preference for couples. Art galleries, lofts, restaurants, and warehouses are among the most commonly chosen modern wedding venues in Dubai.

Think About The Entrance

The entrance to your venue is among the most crucial things to consider. It’s the first thing that people will notice as it sets the entire impression of your wedding. This is where the bride will make her big entrance or start the Bridal March before walking down the aisle.

If your chosen venue has multiple entrances, decide where the bride and guests will enter from. If you want to avoid helping guests find their way to the venue, choose one with an entrance that’s easy to find. Also, if seniors will be in attendance, make sure to provide ramps for wheelchairs, so they don’t have trouble entering. 

Don’t Forget To Check The Restrooms

In deciding upon the right wedding venue, many couples emphasize aesthetics at the expense of other amenities, specifically the bathrooms. The restroom should be close to the main hall, where the ceremony will take place. Also, there should be a separate restroom for guests and the bride and groom so that the couple can quickly use the bathroom without standing in a line.

Make sure to check the number of restrooms available for guests. If you’re inviting a good number of guests, you will need more than one restroom. The lighting in the restrooms is also important for guests touching up their makeup, so make sure it’s adequate before booking a venue.

Check Venue Lighting

Lighting is an easy thing to forget about, as many couples visit the venue during the day. However, lighting plays an important role in how your pictures turn out. If you’ve chosen an indoor venue, find out whether they offer dimmable lighting. If the venue is outdoors, visit it after sunset to see how it looks at night. This will help you determine if you should add more lighting to the space and whether you should make changes.

Of course, the theme also affects the lighting at your venue. If you want a romantic-themed wedding, the lighting needs to be dim yet bright enough so that the wedding couple stands out.

Don’t Forget Food and Drink

Check to see if the venue has food and drink restrictions. Does the venue provide food and drink? Is it included in the per-head charges? What about the snacks- do they provide Hors D’oeuvres to the guests?

You also have to ensure that the venue provides the type of menu you’re looking to offer your guests. For instance, if you’re looking to offer traditional food, you should find a venue that provides a suitable menu. Otherwise, you can opt-out of the venue’s food services and hire a caterer instead.

Bottom Line

There are many wedding venues in Sharjah and other places in UAE. But when your wedding is coming up, it’s important to choose one that truly represents what you visualized for your wedding. It needs to be suitable for couples as well as for guests. Also, places like ballrooms or banquet halls in Dubai should offer all sorts of necessary facilities so that couples and guests don’t face issues on the big day. But of course, budget plays a big role in finishing an ideal wedding venue. So, take your time, look at your options, and narrow down the best one for you.

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