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When working with diverse nationalities, from Emarati to Indian to Arab to Chinese to European, you basically do get the knack for different taste buds which are basically all over the place. The local food in the UAE has a variety of great culinary experiences from Mandi to Biryani. When selecting an event space to host your next seminar, workshop, or social occasion, it’s really important to select a variety of dishes that will impress all the guests. At fluidmeet, you get the option to browse through hundreds of spaces that showcase their specialty of culinary craftsmanship. Options start as low as 40/per person and go all the way up to 275/per person. The beauty of going with fluidmeet for any event space is that you can customize everything in your own way so, in a way, you are building your own event space.

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Food is one of the most critical factors to keep in mind when selecting an event space and that alone would require you to do your research right in terms of:

  1. Is there a specific audience coming for the event?
  2. Are they flexible with different kinds of menus or do they prefer a certain cuisine?
  3. Are there important delegates (coming from any specific country) so the menu could be a fusion

If you have the above research sorted, you really are good to go, because keeping in mind the different nationalities we all come across in UAE, we have menus like Indian, Philippine, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean, fusion, etc. Often some people would say that food is not so important and that is actually not true because after attending the event – all people often talk about is how it was presented, the variety of options, the taste, its décor and how smooth it was without any technical difficulties and the food offered was varied too.

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It can be said that little or no effort is made in preparing the menu selection since much of it is standardized these days. However, there are select venues that specialize in creating new dishes which keep their appeal and return clients high. People who are looking for a standard menu based on price alone might not always be fully satisfied at the end of their event because the food is such an important component of the decision-making process. Ensuring that the selection of food items on the menu, and the number allocated across the starters, main course, and desserts are crucial factors. Eventually, if there’s a little bit more effort into the menu selection – it can ensure that the meal and the event are a success. There’s no harm in creating a fusion, eventually, it really is all about taking risks however, you need to be aware of your audience and any form of food allergies they might have. When selecting your menu, you’ll also need to add some health-conscious choices – more people are exploring vegetarian or vegan choices as well. Depending on the event space you go for: there are options for both in-house catering (provided by the hotel itself) or outdoor catering as well.

Choosing the menu can be a fun task and it comes with a big string attached i.e. the budget and a huge chunk of the budget goes into the selection of food. Indeed, it’s an important decision and research is key if you have enough information about the audience and the type of event space you are looking for. On fluidmeet, you are able to customize all of these parts on your own. And if you need any assistance, one of the fluidmeet experts will be able to assist you.

Bon Appétit!

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