Plan Your Baby Shower in Six Easy Steps

It can be lots of fun to throw your personalized baby shower. While preparing for that memorable baby shower, it’s important to keep in mind some easy steps to make your baby shower planning easy and stress-free. Here are some tips from fluidmeet:

  1. Set the Number of Guests, Choose the Venue – and Set Your Budget


The first and most important step is to decide on how big or small you’d like the baby shower to be. This will help determine the location of your chosen event, whether you’d like to have it at home or in another venue. A good venue is one that would provide the most items for you at a suitable cost for your budget. Some venues, whether in hotels or other locations, provide food and beverage, furniture, some decor, and other benefits. Other venue holders only provide the space to hire and work within. fluidmeet is a platform that will cater to your baby shower venue; scroll through the awesome options to find out more!  In terms of your guests, you can be creative about whom to invite; family members, guys, and even kids are all welcome!

  1. Set A Creative Theme for Your Baby Shower

When you put a theme together, be creative and think outside the box; who said you need to stick to a blue or pink themed event? Why not use a backdrop which could be the main element of the setup? This can also act as a Photo Booth wall for photographs. Place it somewhere that can be easily accessible within the venue, where your guests can see it once they enter the main space.

  1. Choose the Right Catering for Your Baby Shower

Picking out the right type of food for your baby shower depends on what type of catering you prefer (canapés, buffet, light snacks, etc…).

fluidmeet lists so many options that offer delicious set menus and other catering options within the venues you choose. Make sure you start your research early and ask around for recommendations before deciding on the catering for your baby shower. It’s always best to pass around canapés (or a table full of bites) for your guests to enjoy rather than heavy food.  Having a baby shower cake is also an important element that should be present during the event. Play around with the design of the cake to fit the theme as it is usually placed infant of the main backdrop wall.

  1. Engage Your Guests with Interactive & Fun Activities!


When your guests do something interactive during the event, it becomes more special for them, and you. Prepare some unconventional games ahead of time that revolves around the baby and mom-to-be (guessing games or races & challenges). An arts & crafts corner would also be a nice addition to the baby shower, where guests could make their friendship bracelet, a dreamcatcher, or how about a floral crown station? Play games like pregnant twister. Perhaps you could get the guests to create little touches to decorate your venue with words of wisdom. Or even, ask your guests to bring baby photos of themselves to your baby shower event, then make a string the photos on a piece of twine using mini clothespins, and have each guest guess who’s pictured in each photo. The guest who makes the most correct guesses wins!

Take lots of memorable photos!!! In addition to photographs and videos, having a guest book or something for you to keep as a memory of the baby shower is also very important. Why not hire a photographer for this memorable occasion?

  1. Make a Baby Registry 

For a baby shower, it’s normal to receive many different gifts from your guests. This is something you can also slightly control if you’re worried about receiving the same gift twice, or trying to stick to a specific list of things prefer to receive. Also, have an area for guests to leave the gifts. Making a registry online will help your guests, and preparing a list of items for them to choose from, would also be better for both parties. Make sure there is a specified area in your baby shower set up for the gifts to go so that everything looks organized.

  1. Give Your Guests Something You Love!

Although giveaways are not necessary, it’s always nice to leave an event with a memory you can take away. If you love it, they will love it. So be creative with what you want them to have to remember this event by.

Ms. Tala Bitar, Managing Director & Event Designer at  Palmera Design & Events states: “We’ve got endless amounts of ideas for baby shower giveaways, something that would also depend on the theme. You could either prepare favors for the guests to take with them on the way out, or have a little arts & crafts corner for the guests to make and take their giveaways”.

Enjoy your baby shower and whatever you choose, don’t forget to end your baby shower with a touching note.

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Author: Maha Ahmad (support@fluidmeet.com)


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