How large corporations benefit from coworking spaces

Large corporations and coworking spaces seem like unlikely pair-ups at first glance, but there are several ways in which Coworking proved to be not just for startups and remote workers anymore. As these two entities have been able to interact and gain from each other over the last few years, the industry has made significant progress as enterprises of all shapes and sizes have discovered the many benefits that coworking and flexible office space provide. However, since many businesses are either new to coworking or unfamiliar with the concept, there are a few important factors to consider.  

With the massive shift towards the digital world, gaining talent in the corporate world is essential more than ever, but finding talent willing to deter their lives and move for a new job is becoming less and less common. Large corporations are now considering an alternative to benefit both the corporation and the talent: Coworking spaces give enterprises the flexibility to cater to the individual needs of critical talent instead of waiting for people to do it. They use flexible office space when they want to find and maintain specialized talent, mostly for development, sales, creative, or any number of roles. Put another way, coworking provides enterprises with the flexibility needed to cater to the individual needs of critical talent rather than expecting people to disrupt their lives for a job. Compared to large static offices for all employees, enterprises are now profiting a lot from this cost-effective solution all while providing the talent with the flexibility needed to complete the job.  

Another solution would be diverse networking: By utilizing coworking spaces, large corporations can have the possibility to access networking opportunities with individuals with diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences; this can be a valuable asset for large corporations seeking innovation, new business opportunities, and collaborations.  

Today’s large corporations have a better understanding of the benefits of a more modern workforce with different expectations than a decade or two ago. Having an engaging culture is one of the key factors for development. That’s why large corporations are looking for a space where a collaborative and innovative work environment is present. The coworking spaces provide a nurturing culture that improves the employees’ critical skills, helps them form more connections with coworkers and people in their network, and makes them feel more engaged with their employer.  

The ability to customize the coworking space to the company’s unique needs is one of the most attractive features of a flexible workspace for large enterprises. Without the complexities of an improvement allowance in a traditional lease, employers will create unique spaces with branding elements and other preferences like physically moving or providing frosted glass or increased network security for privacy issues. The resulting private changes made are cost-efficient for the tenant and provide space according to their specifications and branding needs, but still afford a far greater degree of flexibility when compared to restrictive, complicated long-term traditional leases.  In conclusion, there is a mutually beneficial relationship between large corporations and coworking spaces. Coworking spaces provide flexibility, cost savings, and access to innovation and talent, while large corporations can support coworking spaces, and enhance their corporate culture and productivity through this collaboration. The nature of the partnership will depend on the big business’s goals and the coworking space’s benefits.

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