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10 Best Corporate Team Building Activities in Dubai

Unity and engagement within the team promise more effectiveness, productivity, and success. Not to mention, these teams are also much easier to work in. However, team building is not easy and often requires much effort and time.

If you’re noticing droopy shoulders and eye rolls, it may be time to add a few team building activities to the schedule. Believe it or not, employee team building activities are critical for a business’s success as they do more than just encourage interaction between team members. In fact, an emotionally and mentally-bonded team can give your company a competitive edge.

Team building games and team building events typically offer the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity: Interaction and engagement prevent employee friction, reducing duplication and improving productivity.
  • Better Communication Skills: Communication between employees and departments is critical to a business’s success.
  • Leader Identification: As the staff engages in team building games for the office, it allows managers to see the leaders within the workforce.

Best Team Building Activities in Dubai

Dubai is popular for its sightseeing activities and offers numerous opportunities to hold staff parties and corporate team building events. Let’s look at the opportunities you’ll find for team building activities in Dubai.

1. Team Building in the desert with Platinum Heritage Dubai

No list of team building activities in Dubai is complete without one that’s set in the desert. Dubai is a desert land, after all. Platinum Heritage Dubai is excellent if you’re looking to offer employees an enjoyable experience while building communication, adaptability, and decision-making skills. 

Popular desert team building games at Platinum Heritage Dubai include the Bonfire Challenge, Sand Challenge, Build the Tent Challenge, Treasure Hunt, and Stepping Stones. Needless to say, these games are excellent at encouraging interaction and engagement between co-workers.

2. Go On An Adventure With Aventura Parks

Who says that team building activities have to take place outdoors? Located in Mirdif, Aventura Parks is the city’s biggest zipline adventure park. It’s based on 35,000 square feet of space, offering plenty of opportunities for corporate events where employees can grow familiar with each others’ abilities. It’s a unique corporate event venue that provides a memorable outdoor experience. 

The park takes pride in hosting some of the most fun team building activities. So far, they’ve helped around 300 organizations instill skills like collaboration and problem-solving in their employees. After all, there’s no better way to bond with co-workers than a staff gathering in a jungle-like park.

Popular activities include ladder climbs and tightrope walks, but you can always opt to customize one of Aventura’s plans to meet your company’s specific needs.

3. Throw a Staff Party on a Yacht

Hosting a recreational party for the staff on a yacht would be an aesthetically pleasing experience for your team to spend time together. It is all about gathering all your employees to spend a memorable time together. It will allow your workforce to bond and learn more about one another.

The options are limitless when planning a recreational staff gathering. You can throw a casual party with fun games and snacks. Or, you can host a semi-formal dinner for your employees on the yacht.

4. Go Paddleboarding With Kite N Surf

Aside from corporate events, paddle-boarding Is a fantastic corporate team building activity in Dubai. Kite N Surf provides a range of team building activities that stem from Adventure-Related Experience Learning. These activities apply knowledge of different disciplines, such as psychology and business science.

Kite N Surf’s activities help teams achieve purpose-based execution at work. They include hands-on tasks that allow teams to internalize a company’s vision as their own. Members will start to realize the significance of their roles and how they affect others.

Kite N Surf paddle boards can typically accommodate up to ten people. They also offer plenty of other water activities that your team can choose according to their preferences.

5. Arrange For an Event in a Private Theater

If you want your team to collaborate more efficiently at work, establish, and promote synergy among all employees, then you should touch on the personal aspect of their interrelationships. Hiring a band and conducting a concert would help the cause. You might as well arrange movie nights, a stand-up comedy show, or a play to watch together with your team. This will create a special bond among team members. Exploring and spending time together and sharing views and opinions with your team members connects them on a personal level.

6. Camel Polo With Gulf Ventures

Gulf Ventures offers plenty of Dubai corporate events, such as Camel Polo. A refreshing take on the traditional sport, this version is a team sport that can accommodate groups of up to 60 people. Don’t worry, though, because no previous horse or camel riding experience is required for the activity. That’s because each camel comes with a trainer to help you steer them with care. Your employees will also get an opportunity to suit up for the occasion. After all, nothing says teamwork like a uniform. Besides encouraging employees to learn collaboration, the half-day activity offers a chance to try something new.

7. Team Building in The Virtual Reality With The Infinite Loop

Do you want your team building event to be more tech-centric? In that case, here’s what you should know about the Infinite Loop by BizGroup. It is an innovative team building game that uses the latest technology to teach employees new skills.

The Infinite Loop is a business management game that improves the staff’s adjustment skills in new environments. The game involves real-time communication and collaboration among employees. The Infinite Loops improves communication and problem-solving skills.

8. Make a Movie Together With Teamworking

Sure, you must have come across movie-making projects in school, but what about the corporate world? And there’s no better team building event than making a movie among the skyscrapers? TeamWorking makes a creative jump by combining Dubai’s great sky aesthetics with corporate team building games.

TeamWorking offers an extraordinary team building activity called Urban Movie Making. The activity involves making a short film using a simple idea, with a few characters and a basic storyline. Your employees can choose the commercial spot’s concept while TeamWorking creates breathtaking shots featuring Dubai’s skyline.

9. Host a Dinner or Lunch For Your Staff

Food brings people together and creates a special bond between team members. You can host a dinner or lunch for your team members to spend some quality time together and do interesting activities alongside.

All you have to do is find an affordable event venue to host and cater for your staff lunch or dinner, select the exact date, book a suitable venue for your corporate event, and send invitations to all working staff.

10. Escape a Haunted Room With Hungarian Games

A haunted room isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when managers think about planning a team building activity. Nevertheless, it can quickly make any business event more interesting and fun.

What’s more, Haunted Room by Hungarian Games encourages team interaction, bonding, and communication. Feeling scared in a closed room will compel co-workers to team up to face monsters and come up with strategies to escape. You can also choose various other corporate team building games at Hungarian Games Dubai.


Corporate team building events and staff parties are essential for employee interaction and engagement. Team building activities encourage members to bond and work with each other. They also help improve communication and problem-solving skills within the staff. All in all, team building is essential for improved performance and productivity, and some fun activities are an effective means to do so.

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