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Coming in from Europe and need coworking space for a few days

When traveling for business or leisure, one needs to make sure that their work is still ongoing and at times you don’t have an option but to travel with work as your job or the work is quite demanding.

So, when you travel all the way from Europe for 1-2 weeks, let’s weigh out the options: Would you rather go for renting a co-working space for a few days, or would you rather sit and work out a coffee shop?

The opportunity cost would be great if you opted for a coffee shop instead of a coworking space.

These are the benefits:

  1. Minimize distractions: Do you remember when you were working on an important presentation and someone comes around and asked if you want to order anything else from the menu as if their lives counted on it? At that moment in time, in that split second, you are having the most intimate moment with your presentation and have come up with an innovative way to explain a once complicated scenario. But poof! The idea is gone and now you’re scrunching to figure out whether you want some lunch or another coffee.

  2. Flexibility is King – you have a different set of options where you can pick and choose as per your needs and also the fee includes: beverages, desk space, electricity, parking, etc – all in one.

  3. In a cafe, you wouldn’t have a sense of community while in a coworking space, you’ll have this benefit for sure. This way, it is easy for you to get to know people, the network around when there are events as well as make the best use of using peoples’ skills for your benefit in terms of freelancers.

  4. Working alone is difficult and mind you, it can be good for focus and concentration, however, it can definitely be boring as well. Working at a coworking space for a few days also helps one stay motivated as well and it definitely increases productivity levels.

  5. There’s a space now which is cool and savvy and yet you don’t have to bear any further extra costs for meeting your clients, as they can meet you right here and it’s convenient for all.

  6. Diverse Culture, more people, and basically a community only help as you get to learn new things and also teach them in return. You get to know more about another people’s culture and they get to know yours too.

coworking space in the UAE

Here’s where fluidmeet plays an important role. We have an easy step-by-step application and website where you can choose options and also see layouts in our preview section as well. Even when you find it difficult to use our website there’s always the quickest way to get in touch with us which is through a contact form, where our agent then calls you and takes you through each and every step thoroughly. Keep in mind, fluidmeet has the largest selection of work, meeting, and event spaces across the whole Middle East. If you want to work out a coworking hub, we have the most options for you. If you decided to upgrade to your own office, fluidmeet has you covered there as well. Visit us today to learn about all the possibilities.

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