How to Stay Productive While Working from Home?

How to Stay Productive While Working from HomeDuring these times of worldwide pandemic, most of the companies in business centers in Dubai have provided work from home opportunities to employees. This ensures that the workflow is not interrupted, and at the same time, social distancing is strictly followed.

One of the biggest challenges faced by employees while working from home is maintaining productivity. Since all the family members are tied up inside the house, the chances of distraction are very high. Unless you are on top of things, it becomes very difficult to stay focused and meet deadlines.

Here are some tips to follow to stay productive while working from home.

  • Set a definite space: Though you can work from any corner of the house, you should select a specific room that you can call your home office. Once you enter the room, you should cut yourself off from all the distractions and focus on the work. You can keep the door closed, curtains pulled back, and create an office environment just like in serviced offices JLT unless you want it otherwise.
  • Set a definite time: If you are employed in a company in the business center Dubai, then you should follow the office hours strictly. But if you are working as a freelancer, then you should set a definite time for your work. You should ensure that all work is completed within this time frame.
  • Dress appropriately: The most significant advantage of working from home is that you can work even in your pajamas. But this is not possible for all. If you have continuous meetings and video conferences, it is best to dress appropriately while working. This way, you need not shuttle between your powder room and home office while working. You can confidentially take calls as and when it happens.
  • Keep the table clean: Just like your office desk in serviced offices Dubai, you should make sure that your home office table is also neat and clean. Neatly organize all the papers and books and provide enough space for your laptop. You can also keep a desktop planter to provide a natural touch to your workspace.
  • Plan the day properly: Just like you would plan a normal working day, you should have a proper plan for working from home. Get up early, take a bath, cook, and have your breakfast before sitting for work. If you have kids at home, ask someone to attend to them while you are working. If both partners are working, then you can take turns looking after the kid. You can even make the child sit next to you, drawing or reading while you work.
  • Give a proper break: Working from home does not mean that you stay locked up in the room for 8-9 hours. You should give yourself a small break once every 30 minutes. You can step out to the balcony and breath some fresh air. You can also indulge in small bites in between. If your company has a one-hour lunch break, then you can make full use of it. Proper breaks help to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and improve your concentration.
  • Keep social media away: Social media can be a big distraction when you are working from home. Logout of all social media apps or keep the phone away while at work. You can check on your social media after work or during breaks. This helps you to stay focused on work.

Staying productive while working from home is a big challenge. By planning the day well and staying away from distractions, you can bring out the best from you even while working from home.

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