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How are Events Making a Splash in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is coming out of the conservative shell and is beginning to expand into massive investment in mega tourism projects, sustainable projects and investments in education – and the number of hotels being built is a sign of  new events to be booked up soon! This includes a $500-billion mega development Neom. In addition, heritage will be the most valuable asset, leading to Saudi’s boost in tourism and outdoor events.  In fact, Saudi Arabia aims to bring more outdoor events and outdoor musical concerts as it did in 2020, with live performances and much more. 


“Saudi is driving a new model of tourism for the twenty-first century,” said Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO of the Saudi Tourism Authority. “This year’s ATM demonstrated the recognition by major global travel industry players of the tremendous opportunities our dynamic and growing tourism industry offers.” 

The Red Sea Project will welcome its first guests by the end of 2022 and the first phase of development will include 14 luxury hotels, event halls in Saudi, offering 3,000 hotel rooms across five islands. The Neom project will also be raising the bar for the future tourism and hotels in Saudi Arabia.  fluidmeet is excited to showcase those event spaces, event venues, and outdoor events on their app and portal, and is proud to support the Saudi and global hospitality sector. “We want to showcase those events and fluidmeet as being the aggregator of these meeting halls, hotel venues, and we are excited to list them on the market”, quoted Suleiman Saloum, Partner from fluimeet.


From booths to expos, to Fintech and medical events, it’s all happening in Saudi Arabia. The future of Saudi events is changing, with ripe markets popping up, female Saudi social media influencers and Saudi fashionistas, all adding to the growth of events in Saudi Arabia. With women driving and working, Saudi Arabia is becoming more liberal, especially when it comes to fashion and shopping. Gender segregation is coming to an end, and the future is shifting to optimism and growth in exciting ways over the next ten years. You can be part of this growth by participating in events in Saudi Arabia. 

As part of efforts to diversify its oil-reliant economy, Saudi Arabia has injected billions to build a tourism industry from scratch, and bring in international artists for concerts as part of the country’s ambitious push to revamp its global image and draw tourists and promote more events. fluidmeet is excited to be part of this exciting journey, and to be part of Vision 2030.

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