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Key Points to Consider for The Wedding Venue of Your Dreams!

Organizing your wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days of your life, but it doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. Whether it’s a boutique wedding or a hotel wedding that you want to plan for, you will need to consider a few important things that will help you facilitate the planning process.

Set The Budget & Set The Date for Your Wedding

You never really know how expensive weddings are until you start planning one. So it’s important to take time and enjoy this process so that you can carefully plan ahead of time and properly plan a realistic budget. So if you have an idea as to how many invitees are coming, you can book the space and set the date.  When you set the date, make sure that a weekend is available so that this works with your international guests.

If you don’t know your budget, you can have an idea by looking at the options available for your venue on fluidmeet, a platform that lists all wedding venues – the best wedding venues and hotel venues to choose from in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Let’s say your wedding is in six months, you will know how much you will need to save up ahead of time, by looking at the cost comparisons on the fluidmeet venue options.

Book The Wedding Venue

Venues book up very quickly, so when you look for venues and find availability, you may find out that venues get booked up fast. So it is best to book a venue even if you don’t physically tour the venue straight away. The pictures are usually very informative and the descriptions are all there. There are lots of wedding venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to choose from, and it’s important to know what type of space you need. If you don’t have your heart set on a specific venue, fluidmeet can list all the wedding venue options available to you without having to physically go to each venue. Most venues charge a bit extra for a ceremony and reception. Venues usually have food and beverage included, plus the wedding cake. You can go before the wedding to do a tasting session.

Flower Arrangement

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Every wedding needs flowers, whether it is a fancy wedding celebration, an outdoor reception, or a vintage wedding affair. It is important to know how many bouquets and flower pieces are needed for your special day. What type of bridal bouquet should you get? What about the family members, the maids of honor, and the groom?

“Whether they are looking for a grand & elaborate event, a cozy & intimate gathering, or anything in between, wedding planning services can always be personalized to meet clients’ needs – bringing their vision to life. I strongly advise that flowers are a key point to consider for the wedding of your dreams. Flowers and the way they are arranged are a key components of any wedding; they add extra color, texture, and feeling to your special day. They leave an amazing impression and help to create the feeling or setting the mood for your wedding with their beauty, color, elegance, and style”, stated Ms. Alia Kaylani, Owner, and Co-Founder of My Dubai Wedding Planner.

The Guests

Please make sure that your venue can accommodate the number of guests you are looking to invite. You will need to plan the guest list, have a ‘thank you for coming list and prepare a seating plan and wedding list. If you have family and friends coming from abroad, you may have to watch the guest list and ensure they attend, and check that the dates also work for them

Exactly What Does Space Venue Provide You?

Some people like to book venues that have lodging for guests. But whatever it is, ensure that the space you get gives you ample hours, security guards, chairs and tables, easy parking, entry, and exit for cars, facilities for special needs, and a list of trusted vendors for catering, DJ, photography, etc. Otherwise, you can use your vendors.

And Finally….

The Bride & Brides Maids

If you’re the bride, planning to wear the dress for a few hours, dress to kill, but not to kill your feet! And there’s no need to wear something too revealing to look elegant. Shop around and try not to go overboard with your budget for the dress. A wedding planner will take the load off your back, deal with the wedding details so you don’t have to, and save you time and stress. You don’t need to deal with the dress hunting, the photographer, the videographer, the space layout, the DJ, your ring, the bride’s maids, the flowers, the reception, and all those little details.

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Wedding planners can be expensive; the decision to hire a planner or not is yours, and there’s no right or wrong answer. It can be very beneficial to have a planner, especially if you don’t know what you want or how to stick to your budget. If you have a trusting wedding planner, they can ensure you look at fluidmeet to see the list of wedding venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“fluidmeet is the leading platform that allows users to search, price, and compare wedding venues. We work closely with venues and their vendors to gather options and pricing details to allow engaged couples to “build” their ideal wedding at each venue and then book an appointment if it fits their budget and preferences”, stated Mr. Jareer Oweimrin, Executive Director of fluidmeet.

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