keep productivity levels high at the office

How to Keep Productivity Level High at the Office

Like many bubbly centers of the world, serviced offices or virtual offices are not alien in many business districts of the Emirates. This is because of their flexibility, availability, low start-up costs, and ability to meet the needs of many businesses today, among other benefits. For example, fully serviced offices in Abu Dhabi have laxer terms of rent than conventional rented spaces. Also, space allocation is quite flexible and can accommodate changes in business layouts. In the same vein, similar office spaces in Dubai may allow businesses to share services and gadgets at reduced costs and more convenience. Even support staff are available if necessary.

Nonetheless, this central component of the flexible workspace industry is not without some potential shortcomings of regular offices – workers’ productivity. This article highlights some ways to keep productivity levels high at the office. Read on to find out!

Stop Multi-tasking

Multitasking comes off as an interesting concept for obvious reasons. Attending to and completing two or more tasks at a time allows you to save time. However, you are just as liable to suffer a plummet in productivity. Dividing your attention between two focal points at a time splits the amount of effort you direct at these different tasks. It usually holds you back from doing the best in each of them. In the end, although you think you have saved time, your work(s) often turn out mediocre. There is also the tendency for the different tasks to overwhelm you and cause stress. Therefore, try to get rid of multitasking to keep productivity high in your office and avoid overwhelm.

Delegate Tasks in Line With Your Enthusiasm & Mental Alertness Levels For The Day

An undeniable fact about office work is that the enthusiasm and mental alertness of workers changes throughout the day, even in fully serviced offices with their benefits. Although it differs for many, it usually starts at a high that dwindles as the day goes by, with little erratic spurts. Therefore, to keep productivity high at the office, you must attend to your tasks with an idea of these factors in mind and work tasks accordingly. In other words, plan to do the heavy lifting when you know you are at your best and to attend to less complex tasks at other times. Sticking to this is sure to prevent unnecessary stress and frustration and keep productivity high.

Avoid Distractions, Procrastination, and Work With a Great Deal of Focus

Distractions are the most bothersome external factors that impede productivity. This is because they usually come off as harmless or uneventful. For example, distractions could result from a fleeting gaze that thrusts you into a labyrinth of thoughts or a casual discussion with a coworker that extends for too long. In the end, they dampen your mental alertness and waste your time. To steer clear of distractions and their potential triggers, you should have a rigid, unyielding focus and attitude to work and stick to it tenaciously. It would be best if you also take care to avoid procrastination. This will cause work to spill over to subsequent days, eventually reducing your productivity.

Create Regular Breaks in Between Your Schedule

Focus, proper delegation of tasks, and tenacity may be key to productivity, but so are properly planned break sessions. Without timely break sessions, work will surely get monotonous in serviced offices. In no time, productivity will plummet. Therefore, to keep productivity high at the office, be intentional about creating breaks to wind up and recharge. However, be careful not to overdo it, as it could quench your work spirit. For high productivity, you could take a break of a few minutes every thirty minutes.


Recent technological advances have brought about unprecedented changes in job and employment systems. These have culminated in the need for unique structures like virtual office spaces. In the Emirates, this is especially common. Fully serviced offices in Abu Dhabi, and office spaces in Dubai, among other hotspots, are available for freelancers working remote jobs and other businesses. Delegating duties, avoiding distractions, and taking regular breaks are important ways to keep productivity high in these settings. However, to properly pull these plans off, there is a need to be proactive in approach.

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