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Mr. Ahmed G. Talks to us About His Experience Using fluidmeet

More and more people are either abandoning working from an office, and start either working from home, from a nearby coffee shop, or another space. fluidmeet offers this perfect solution; a community of serviced office spaces, meeting rooms, banquets, and co-working spaces across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This solution is ideal for SMEs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups alike.

According to Mr. Ahmed G., a business owner of a financial company, and a frequent user of fluidmeet, he uses a variety of spaces to meet and innovate with his clients. We asked Mr. Ahmed if he can share his experience with us:

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Q. How did you first hear about

A. I am a business owner and my time is valuable. I need a space to hold lots of meetings. I needed to find meeting rooms and when I did my search online, I found the answer to my needs through Google. Ever since I found this platform, fluidmeet, I can’t use any other one to book my meeting spaces. fluidmeet offers me the flexibility and inspiring meeting places, that are perfect for conducting my work, and my meetings and that are convenient for me to use.

Q. What kind of function or activity did you book these meeting rooms for?

A. I use the meeting rooms to conduct my business meetings. I’m in the financial services sector so it’s important that my meetings are held in a professional venue and that the staff are trained properly to deal with me and my guests. I always use fluidmeet meeting spaces to conduct meetings with my clients. There is a nice vibe to the spaces I select on fluidmeet. I get unlimited tea, coffee, and WIFI, which is all I need to hold my meetings with my clients. I don’t need to worry about anything else, I just focus on my meetings.

Q. What value has brought you?

A. fluidmeet has a wide variety of options; I get confirmations straight away, and it is so practical and easy-to-use the application. As soon as I book, I get the location, the meeting point, etc.… It is hassle-free and very friendly for me to pick a meeting room to meet my clients. I just focus on my work and I don’t need to stress about the rest. fluidmeet is also more cost-effective for me and saves me so much time rather than going to each vendor separately. It’s all done online, I downloaded IOS on the Play Store, I sign up, explore the spaces, and check in to the location I want. So it is also very convenient for a flexible remote worker like me.

I also noticed that fluidmeet has a lot of listings with business centers and hotels, so sometimes I like to choose my meeting rooms in those venues. I look at the pictures and I decide how long I need to meeting room for. Based on that, I choose, select and pay. It’s really so simple for me to use. It’s also good to know that the spaces listed on fluidmeet are actually the real ones I see. I’m never surprised, which is a great value for me. Imagine booking a hotel room based on the pictures you see online and you arrive and you’ve been duped and the actual room looks nothing like the real thing. With fluidmeet, what you pay for is what you get.

Q. How was your experience with using fluidmeet, and if you had any challenges, how did you overcome them?

A. I’ve been using fluidmeet for the past three years. The only challenge I have is that some of the facilities don’t have parking, then I overcome this easily by sourcing another venue with parking facilities. Furthermore, if they don’t have parking, in most cases they are near to a metro station. Some of the ones I’ve booked lately are literally 1-minute walk from a metro station. I am very happy using this easy space booking platform to suit my business requirements. fluidmeet saved me a lot of financial burden; the high cost of office space in Dubai (particularly in key urban areas) is not something I wanted to explore. It is way better to be smarter and leverage from existing venues than having to rent out my own office. I also love the convenience of it all. As soon as I book, I get a confirmation and my meeting is booked. I share it with my clients and it’s all taken care of.

Q. Would you recommend using fluidmeet to any of your friends?

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A. Yes! I already recommended it to all my friends and they are also currently using it. fluidmeet caters to startup entrepreneurs and small businesses like me, as well as to freelance consultants and professionals who are looking for a suitable, cost effective space to meet and work. Some of my friends are frequent travelers and this arrangement suits them perfectly. It would be great to see fluidmeet grow across the MENA region because I would want to use their platform if I travel abroad.

fluidmeet allows users to book everything from meeting rooms to banquet halls to co-working spaces to serviced offices.

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.

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