Modernize Your Conference Room With Video Wall


Conference rooms are one of the most important facilities a company has. Every company knows that being connected with its people (employees, clients or stakeholders) is essential in the success of every company goal. In a conference room, activities such as staff meeting, training, product familiarization or scheduled appointments are being held. Being in an environment that encourages focus is important in relaying company messages to its employees.

Imagine having to introduce a client to the managers of your company in a video call through a mobile device, or having to discuss to a dozen of people the company’s next sales and marketing move, or deciding on some important matter based on the board majority’s response. You’d be running around the building looking for the people you need to speak to and discussing the matters one by one or if you’re lucky enough to gather them in one cubicle, you’d be shouting at the top of your lungs just so they’d hear you amidst the background sounds of photocopiers, paper shredders and elevator bells.


A few of the must-haves in an efficient conference room are long flat tables, comfortable chairs and a video wall system. Yes! You read that right. A video wall is what you think it is – it’s almost like a TV or a computer monitor, only bigger and wider covering almost an entire wall. A video wall system is composed of a video wall display, a controller that could be connected wirelessly to the video screen for easier control over what needs to flashed and displayed on the screen and an operating system. A video wall display comes in different sizes and different kinds. A few of the varieties include smart boards, a projection screen, a single LED flat screen TV with sizes that could get as big as 370 inches when measured diagonally and a collection of monitors lined together to form a bigger screen. Of course, having a high quality audio equipment is best paired with video walls.



Having an entire wall as a screen would definitely catch the attention of every single human being in a room. This will guarantee connection between the audience and the purpose of holding a conference, be it an audio-visual presentation or a video call with an important client. Now, with this breakthrough in technology you wouldn’t need to be squeezing your faces in a small computer monitor just so you and all the other 20 members can see who you’re having a conference with.

Meetings would not only be possible for 2 people in different areas, it would be more efficient and effective! In fact with a screen as big as a wall, you can have video calls with more clients all together without being inconvenienced. Conference meetings would never be the same, it won’t be so difficult to establish a bond that would make you feel as If you’re almost with them. So go ahead, modernize your conference room and feel the power of being connected!

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