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Gen Z: how a generation will shift the workflow as we know it

A new generation has entered the workplace, Generation Z or Gen Z. Gen Z  is in the spotlight and shaking things up in the workplace! Radically different from Millennials, this generation has a unique perspective on careers and how to define success in life and the workforce. GenZers are bringing a whole new set of values, expectations, and fresh skills.

To know how this generation will impact the workflow, we are first to understand who Gen Z is.

Being brought up after the Great Recession you would think that GenZers would grow up to be calculated risk takers, looking for job security positions; but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, Gen Z tends to prioritize flexibility, creativity, and collaboration over the traditional 9-to-5 office setup. Generation Z might not value salary like every other generation: instead, they are looking for environments that foster creativity, networking, and a sense of community. Gen Z tends to prioritize flexibility, technology, and collaboration over the traditional 9-to-5 office setup. So this new generation is setting out exactly what to expect in the workplace, how will companies adapt to these needs?

GenZ gained its status as a digital native, having been born in the digital era with smartphones, social media, and instant access to information. To match their digital fluency in adapting to new systems and processes, Genzers expect the workspace to be equipped with cutting-edge technology, high-speed internet, and collaborative tools. For these reasons, co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular among Gen Z. Designed to be highly connected, tech-equipped rooms; coworking spaces offer the networking opportunities and the access to online resources that GenZ needs to stay digitally connected.

Generation Z loves connection and collaboration. They value any sort of communication; being physical or digital. They want agile spaces where collaboration with other professionals is natural; whether it being in a meeting room table or through collaboration tools and communication platforms. Video conferencing, messaging apps, and virtual collaboration spaces are all tools that have encouraged cross-functional collaboration. As much as they love communication, Genzers also need private and quiet spaces for deep-focus work sessions and serviced offices provide this privilege for them. 

Work-life balance is GenZ’s motto! It’s a top priority for them since they value personal time and look for flexibility in their schedules. To attract and retain GenZ talent, companies started to offer remote work options and flexibility. Since they are used to connecting with others online, maintaining productivity while working remotely won’t be a problem. Some companies have even taken the next step and switched to shared office spaces since they provide a cost-effective and flexible alternative. 

One of the things that makes Generation Z so unique is their inspiration for growth. Gen Z is so hungry to learn and has a unique ability to accept and change when they learn a better way of doing things. They are looking for jobs with personal growth opportunities, where they can learn new skills, and broaden their knowledge and expertise. They have an entrepreneurial spirit, using technology to innovate, adopt new tools, or explore new strategies. 

Gen Z has an extraordinary appreciation for social responsibility. They are socially conscious with a sense of environmental responsibility willing to make a change in this matter. Gen Z tends to prioritize eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives. They are more likely to make any purchase choice depending on whether it’s cruelty-free or to choose eco-friendly workspaces. Genzers would choose a company that shares these values and follows eco-friendly practices like zero-waste initiatives, green building designs, and more.

In summary, Gen Z’s tendency for technology is set to reshape the workplace, making it more digital, collaborative, and flexible. Being tech-savvy, with communication skills, and willing to maintain a certain lifestyle, GenZers are all about bringing new innovative options to the workflow and changing the way we look at traditional office structures.

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