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Co-Working Spaces in Hotels – The Next Big Trend?

The UAE’s hospitality market is expected to reach by 2022, growing at a five-year CAGR of 8.5 percent between 2017 and 2022. , in particular, is expected to reach 132,000 by 2019 (source, Khaleej Times).

So how can hotels differentiate? Co-working spaces in hotels offer a new kind of workspace for business professionals that’s unlike any business center used for that same purpose. Hotels can benefit from such trends in the rise of co-working. This development is, of course, hard to ignore. A shift from traditional ways of working, while considered unfavorable by some, can be an immeasurable opportunity for other businesses. Hotels are a perfect example of this type of business that can benefit largely from offering co-working spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. People need flexible working spaces, and with the number of co-working members expected to jump to 3.8 million in 2020, it is only natural for hotels to take advantage of this new trend.

Communal spaces in hotels not only attract a younger audience but also serve as a way to connect with local communities in ways that an old-fashioned business center can’t. A successfully-run coworking space can be a great way of getting more people to interact with your hotel, spend more time in the hotel premises, and eventually generate more revenue.

What’s The Hospitality Advantage of Coworking?

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Coworking from a hotel provides a sense of community

People always like to belong to a community, to feel part of something bigger than themselves, which is why they will leave their hotel room or home to be part of a public or private communal space. Co-working spaces in hotels tend to attract an audience that appreciates the hotel’s vibe. The idea of coworking allows you access to people in your industry (or even outside your industry). This can be taken advantage of in a hotel atmosphere.

Coworking from a hotel gives you better income, customer experience and saves you time

Another advantage is the range of hospitality services a hotel can provide that a traditional office simply can’t. While a shared desk space might offer access to coffee, even a limited-service hotel can have a grab-and-go market for quick meals. Whereas a hotel can let workers bring clients right into one of the hotel restaurants for lunch before reviewing a presentation in a lobby, or over coffee or cocktails, all of the revenue remains in your hotel. It’s about the whole experience also for coworkers, and it saves time from going out of the office to grab a meal and return. Hotels know you are there to spend time and they are inviting you to do so. They are usually empty in the daytime because most of the generation Xers and other generations are outside at their meetings. So why not turn your hotel into a co-working space? High-end hotels & restaurants are more productive than working from home, comfortable, and more cost-effective than renting a co-working desk. Offering membership to entrepreneurs will allow them to meet and network with like-minded individuals at a fraction of the cost of typical office space.

Coworking from a hotel gives business people that perfect business environment

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There’s something about hotel lobbies that gives people that sense of elevated feeling. Hotels have a hospitality space area that is a guaranteed space for clusters of meetings, great food, and great service.  If we look at the trends, a lot of high-value businesses are usually done in hotel lobbies, making people feel special. People always feel special in hotels, creating their high energy and buzz. Entrepreneurs thrive in such an environment. This is where hotels can reap the benefits and create coworking spaces within their hotel atmosphere, which offer amazing ambiance, ergonomic design, homey and cozy feeling to users.

Options your hotel can offer for coworking:

  • Offer a 10-day pass to the lobby, for the equivalent of AED 200.
  • Design a passcard-style system that enables entrepreneurs to work from luxury venues on a flexible and cost-effective basis.
  • Design a monthly membership fee to include unlimited tea, coffee, and a meal, plus discounts to all the restaurants and discounts to the hotel gym.
  • List your hotel on the fluidmeet platform as a coworking space provider and get bookings via the platform.

Hotels and coworking will be merging. We look at developing at least one floor into a dedicated coworking space. – Paresh Master, president, SSM Hospitality LLC

coworking space in an hotel

Coworking is in demand, and hotel managers know that they have all the space and service infrastructure to cater to the needs of such flexible workers. It enables hotel owners to generate extra revenue and add more value to business guests, thereby increasing loyalty. If they want to move to the next step in coworking, they should think of partnering with fluidmeet to help create the frameworks and mechanisms to get into action. Coworking is a natural fit for the hospitality industry and will become a differentiator within the world’s most innovative hotels.

Some Hotel chains have gained the perfect opportunity to bring both guests and local professionals together in a dynamic hotel environment. Not only will this trend survive and continue to grow over the years, but it shows no signs of slowing down and is set to make a positive impact on the UAE economy, hospitality networks, and the coworking industry itself in the coming years.

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