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Corporate Offices are Changing to Look More Like Co-working Hubs

When well crafted, the ideal corporate offices become an aesthetic and tangible aspect of a company’s culture, branding, and vision. A well-designed corporate office usually indicates that a company meets employees’ needs and caters to suit their work ethics.

The culture and demographics of offices today are changing, and workplace design is changing in parallel. When we see our office aesthetics represented through good design, from the reception area to the meeting spaces, then this affects us in a positive way. When we are actively engaged in space, we are hard-wired to be more attentive, more productive, and even more creative. So, how can corporate offices keep up with the demands and requirements of the office designs of the future?

Companies are seeking out different workplace design elements that promote wellness and accommodate the needs of a working body. Offering ergonomic furniture, providing access to nutrition and exercise, and maximizing the basic comfort levels of all employees in an office are all part of understanding that is at work in a comfortable setting, and has a significant impact on our lives. After all, shouldn’t the place we spend eight hours a day in be safe, pleasant, and comfortable?

Offices Need to Offer a Hospitality Like Co-Working Space Environment

More and more firms are strategizing how to make employees’ lives easier on a daily basis, from including grocery stores and laundry rooms in workplace layouts to adding fitness centers and spas. Co-working spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer just that, and companies are adopting this same approach, otherwise known are “corpworking” spaces. By focusing on the human body and its interactions with the surrounding environments (otherwise known as ergonomics), we will be able to achieve a balance between workplace design and physical demands.

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The Co-Working Space & Office Experience

It’s becoming noticeable that staff tend to be working from home or working on the go – this is a standard reality. So designers are tasked with creating worthwhile office experiences, in other words, a fast-paced, unpredictable, and demanding office experience.  This will ultimately give the employee the right type of settings to get their work done, just like in a co-working space environment. An office should inspire you and be the “place you want to go”.

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Your Workplace Should Give Positive Vibes

An ideal office design presents an opportunity for managers to build staff morale by breaking down the walls, separating them from the workforce. Today, co-working space owners may regard numerous opportunities to bring their business to the next level. They experiment in a more serious way to create an innovative environment for their users. It will unite the creative minds of entrepreneurs, start-ups and others who use a co-working space in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. fluidmeet is a platform offering a wide choice of creatively designed co-working spaces, for businesses to choose from.

‘Corpworking’ or Working Hubs Will Stimulate Creativity for its Users

Your new ‘corpworking’ may take the form of an experimental hub, a shared interaction space, an innovation studio, a concept factory, an innovative gym, or a creative platform. The main thing is to utilize the openness to share employees’ ideas under the roof of your workplace. This type of state-of-the-art ‘corpworking’ space, and this new style and design of a corporate office, will ultimately facilitate innovation, boost creativity,  and allow staff to be more productive.

Kiss Your Office Cube Goodbye

In order to maximize employee interaction and teamwork, many companies will eliminate the isolating cube and redesign their workspace to feature common areas, conference rooms and tables, as opposed to isolated individual desks. All these features are exactly like the co-working space design – becoming more and more attractive to the millennial worker.

In conclusion, office design should serve a company’s needs as well as its personality. Just make your space reflect who you are and what your company is and what it does.

Happy Co-working!

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