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How to Optimize the Use of my Meeting Room?

In this Digital Age and era, every single thing happens with just a click and at lightning speed. We are totally dependent on technology to provide us with the best solutions. The objective is to gain productivity and decrease time wastage. This has led to the development of well-managed meeting rooms which are handled professionally and are well equipped to suffice the requirements of the people. So here’s how to optimize your meeting room usage.

Why are Meeting Rooms So Important?

  1. To be able to run discussions and conferences smoothly without any interruptions or distractions.
  2. Avoid any noise and clutter which usually around in the typical office environment
  3. The first impression is always the last impression – meeting rooms give a preview of your work environment and how many people work together, etc.
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At times, one may face a few challenges with booking a meeting room, e.g. it may happen that meeting rooms may have schedule clashes – this way two parties are at a loss, sometimes people forget to send out meeting invitations which may result in no one showing up, and this also means that the space goes blocked without any reason. Whether it’s a small team or a large one, if the communication is not done effectively, there might be too many clashes and actual wastage of resources.

fluidmeet suggests some key points to remember when booking a meeting room:

Always Have an Agenda

This helps you put everything in order. There’s a schedule and an order and it’ll be placed for everyone who is attending the meeting. This avoids people from being late or being lost in long meetings. Agendas should be sent out to the participants via email (so that they can plan prior to the meeting) and can be given as hard copies too. Think about the trees when you do that 😊

State of the Art Equipment

Keep it easy and cool for everyone – do not get overwhelmed by the new gadgets available in the city as your audience may differ and that would mean their ages would too. You should be able to provide a well-equipped space, but a meeting space that is user-friendly. Always make sure the technical team has had a thorough check of the equipment in the meeting room an hour or two prior to the meeting. The main aim is to have a nice experience with gadgets and not where everyone is confused or wasting time connecting to the gadgets.


Nothing today can work without active internet which has lightning speed. When having a meeting, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi is working fine. Also, make sure the guest account or a shareable login version for attendees to connect is available (preferably this should be mentioned on the Agenda sheet itself). The IT team should check it thoroughly to make sure that all videos, images, and browsers work on the Wi-Fi because a technical disruption only leads to time wastage and a bad impression (at times!)

Time Management

Make sure you have booked your meeting room in advance, double check it as well to avoid any clashes. Make sure the meeting’s time duration is chosen appropriately and it should be used in that certain time period to respect and value others’ time as well as there may be another meeting booked right after yours.

Meeting Aesthetics

This goes without saying that the meeting room should have enough light. There should be a notepad and markers/pens (for everyone), a remote for the projector, etc all set in place. It should be a neat, and clean room with minimal design and no wires popping out, etc. Beverages like water and coffee should be arranged at the start of the meeting so that there’s no disruption.

Happy meeting 😊

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