How to Get AWESOME Post Training Feedback

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Post-training feedback and evaluation is a critical part of any training program, giving you valuable insight into what learners seek. Not only does it give you, the organizer or trainer, an idea of what the learners thought of the course, but more importantly, the evaluation will indicate what’s working and what to avoid doing in the future. Here are some steps that fluidmeet recommend to ensure you have positive feedback from your post-training event:

Have Great Course Content

Having great training material is not enough; a confusing course structure can be an obstacle to learning for your delegates. Make sure that your content is flowing in a sequence that leads from one step to the next in a logical manner – and imagine you are a learner. Is this how you would want the course to be taught to you?

In other words, did your delegates feel engaged in each course section? Was there enough depth in your content? Was there a clear separation between the course’s units, and was there a clear sequence in giving the information clearly and logically? Did you assess if the delegates have a good understanding of the material during the course? It’s good to engage your audience and ask them questions to see if there are an understanding and benefit to how they apply the information in their business.

Deliver Your Content in a Timely and Precise Manner

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If you deliver the content in a structured manner, then your delegates will benefit for sure. There may be some areas that need a more in-depth explanation than others. So you must spend the right amount of time on the right areas of your content, to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the course. The idea is, how do your delegates apply this knowledge in their business in most time effective manner? Have they come out of the course with great skills that have been rehearsed? That’s when you know you have a good trainer on board.

Book a Space that is Just Right for Your Delegates – Plus The Right Ambience

Believe it or not, the right space is an important factor in giving effective training and positive post-training evaluation. It’s important to have the right ambiance, comfortable seating, auditory and visual equipment of good quality to determine an effective training program. fluidmeet has a comprehensive array of training rooms for you to choose from. Feel free to scroll through this list of training rooms.

Interact with Your Delegates During Your Training Session

During the training sessions, your role as a trainer is to ask your delegates if the course is meeting their expected training goals. As a trainer, it’s good to keep asking yourself: what makes a good trainer?”. You’re not only focused on developing your learners, but also developing yourself and ensuring that your attendees take away what they need to apply in their future career path

Make a Survey and Get Your Delegates to Fill it in on The Last Day of the Event

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Like any design concept, you always need to start with the end in mind. So when you are looking for feedback, you can ask your learners to rate all aspects of the training, from ambiance to images, audio, presentation of content, etc.. You can even ask them to make suggestions for making the course more appealing in terms of a visual or auditory aspect. You can even ask the learners about how engaging the course was.

Get Referrals and Testimonials from Your Delegates

It would be a good idea to mention at the end of the session that delegates are welcome to post a testimonial on your LinkedIn page. There is no harm in suggesting it casually, and after all, if they benefited from your training session, they would surely want others to go through the same great experience.

Choose the Right Certificate Design and Layout That Makes Your Delegates Valued

There is nothing worse than attending a course and receiving a certification that devalues the course outline. Is the certificate just a certificate of completion, or is it an accredited certification and is an exam going to follow? No matter what type of certification it will be, it’s important to clarify this to your delegates and ensure that you give them a quality design of the certification at the end of the training.

Don’t Ignore Negative Feedback!

If the trainer may not have engaged the audience, you need to acknowledge this feedback and get a trainer that knows how to build a relationship with your audience. It’s important to learn from your mistakes and progress to become better.

Stay in Touch

The database of your delegates should not be under estimated – so why not send your delegates a Happy New Year note or a nice tip every month to help them stay in touch with their training course? Staying in touch could lead to more training courses and open doors for further growth.

In conclusion, a well-planned post training feedback and evaluation can benefit you, the organizer of the training session. Make sure you get the best feedback and learn from your evaluation results to make the next training session even more awesome. Happy training!

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