A wedding venue applying new guidelines for attending events in the UAE

New Guidelines for Attending Events in the UAE

The COVID-19 Pandemic has transformed all our lives. Lockdown has forced us to change how we work, socialize, and attend social events. Vaccinations are on the rise, and part of the world has started to open up again. The UAE has responded early to the challenges posed by the pandemic, and quickly implemented the right guidelines for attending events, with the public health authorities. This included strict measures of social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand sanitizing. Also, biometric device installations are everywhere for immediate temperature checking. In addition, the adjustment of seating charts in event halls and wedding venues to account for social distancing.  

One of the richest horse racing events in the world has taken place in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, horses and jockeys from around the globe competed at the Dubai World Cup earlier in August 2021. It was a closed event with no spectators filling the stands, which is becoming a strange feature on the global racing circuit. Furthermore, the commercial growth of future tournaments may be tightly connected with the success of the pandemic vaccination programs. Everyone is now hoping for the pandemic to be in its final stages. 

However, with the latest rise in covid cases and the emerging threat posed by the Omicron variant, the UAE has adopted new guidelines for safely attending events.

Regulations Across the UAE

  • According to “Khaleej Times”
  1. Sharjah based female workers are permitted to work remotely if: 
    • The mother’s child (below grade 7) is enrolled in a school adopting online learning. 
    • The job suits the criteria of the remote work model.
    • The child has no other caretaker.
  2. The Pink Caravan Ride is a UAE non-profit aimed at alerting the public on the importance of early detection of breast cancer. Officials have rescheduled in response to the latest threat posed by the Omicron variant.
  3. Abu Dhabi has witnessed a steady restoration of the on-site schooling model; however, Abu Dhabi schools are still required to offer online learning to their students. 

    According to “The National”:
  4. To ensure entry to Abu Dhabi, officials require a booster shot to activate your Al Hosn Green Pass. Additionally, they consider a negative PCR result, taken within 96 hours, as a proper alternative to the booster shot. 
  5. The UAE has run quite a successful vaccination campaign; however, they now face heavy regulations for travel to Germany, Japan, Cyprus, Poland, and Belgium.

A woman complying to safety travel guidelines at the airport.

Regulations for Social Events  

For social events, the UAE encourages attendees to use their Al Hosn app to show their vaccination details. Additionally, the app must show both their doses and a PCR test taken 48 hours prior to the event. Furthermore, the UAE mandates compliance to safety measures such as mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, and social distancing.

Indoor and outdoor events have a maximum capacity of 50 and 150 respectively. In addition to that, house parties or family gatherings require a limited capacity of 30 people. Whereas, social events such as weddings venues in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and across all of UAE, have a maximum capacity of 60 percent. 

Expo 2020 Dubai: 

Attendees adhering to safety guidelines at the Expo 2020.

Ever since its opening on October 1, Expo 2020 has brought the world together in an event that showcases human brilliance and achievement like never before. Despite the global pandemic, more than 8 million tourists have flooded the streets of Dubai to catch a glimpse of Expo 2020. Furthermore, to best evade the new crisis hitting UAE, the organizers of this large-scale event have set in place rigorous rules and guidelines to best deliver a safe environment for its visitors, locals, entertainers, and staff. This includes:

  1. Temporary closure of some venues for cleaning and sanitization if positive cases appeared.
  2. Momentary suspension of close contact events such as parades and roving entertainers.
  3. Presence of 4 PCR centers on the fairground.
  4. Mandatory face masks for all, to permit entry. 
  5. Enforced vaccination and booster doses for all workers involved with the Expo. 
  6. Submission of vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to the event.

Despite the sudden crisis, these new protocols adopted and implemented by Expo 2020 serve as a reassurance to the attendees that they can safely enjoy the event for the months to come. 

Recent Incidents of Implemented Cancelations:

The latest display of implemented governmental restrictions emerged in:

· The cancelation of Roberto Bolle’s Ballet Show at the Abu Dhabi Festival. The show is now postponed till February 2022, because some of the members involved tested positive to Covid-19. 

· The temporary closure of Japan Pavilion Restaurant at the Expo 2020. The restaurant implemented strict safety guidelines, such as deep cleaning ad disinfecting, because some of their workforces tested positive for Covid-19. 

Indeed, the new guidelines for attending events in the UAE will massively help curb this sudden rise in Covid cases. Not to forget, the notable effort set by the government on its vaccination campaign, which presents a 100% one dose vaccination rate, and 93.64% full vaccination rate.

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