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How To Market Your Restaurant as a Co-Working Space

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are beautifully designed restaurants that are conveniently located around town, but a lot of them are closed for the first half of the day. Due to the trend of workers and freelancers in the UAE working remotely, such restaurants can create a pleasant atmosphere for these startups and entrepreneurs to thrive.

 According to the 2017 Global Co-working Survey, there are now over 13,800 co-working spaces worldwide, with an estimated total of 27,000 to be running by 2020. Due to this trend, workers could also be seeking a spacious restaurant such as yours!  Co-working spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi often offer membership options that are convenient for freelancers, however, other freelancers like to work on the go, and need to work from an inviting community, such as a restaurant or a café. So if your restaurant sits idly during the day until dinner time, or if your coffee shop is looking for creative ways to boost sales and community outreach, turning your space into a co-working concept during the day can be worth your while, and can certainly cater to these types of entrepreneurs. It’s a win-win for both parties.

How Does a Co-working Space Operate?

A co-working space is where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small startups can come and work, without the need to spend 8 hours a day in a traditional office setting. These co-working spaces can provide a sense of community and a place to be productive for independent workers that might otherwise work at home or in a local café. It is interesting to note that the term ‘co-working space’ has become popular in recent years. Restaurant owners can take advantage of this trend, as they already offer a place that can be the solution for such workers.

Why Turn Your Restaurant into a Co-working Space?

There is a growing market for people looking for workspaces

It’s been researched that 43% of professionals spend at least some time working remotely. In addition, Upwork (a platform connecting freelancers to work on projects) has predicted that US freelancers will become a majority within a decade.  The trend is also following in the UAE. As a restaurant or café owner, you can respond to this growing need for space by offering these individuals an elegant co-working space across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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There is no need to re-design your restaurant

You have probably already invested in a seating and dining design that you put a lot of effort (and money) into creating. So, instead of having your restaurant sit empty until remote workers can enjoy your breakfast/lunch/dinner theme, furniture, ambiance, look and feel. Just add the amenities of a typical co-working space on top of it to create a reasonable rate.

It’s a creative way to get extra income for your restaurant

Who doesn’t want to boost their sales? When your restaurant or café space normally sits unused during slow periods of the day, why not offer a limited menu, a creative membership option, or an hourly fee, so that you can improve your restaurant’s bottom line. The fluidmeet platform can assist you if you like to get listed under our choice of co-working places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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Why should I sign up my restaurant with fluidmeet?

Once you get listed on the fluidmeet platform as a co-working space, you are essentially renting out your restaurant dining room, and you get paid per member who uses the space. You could create your membership program. Charge users a reasonable rate per month, or base it on the number of days per week a freelancer would like access to your space to work.

Why not promote your restaurant as a co-working space during the day, with no monthly fee

You can offer a limited menu, flat rates that include coffee and use of space, or charge users on an hourly basis. The elimination of a monthly fee might be a more attractive option for young workers, freelancers, digital nomads, and other entrepreneurs, or those looking to try out a co-working space.

How about a rewards system or a special offer

Even if you are not offering a monthly membership option, but you are charging per hour, you can include a free meal, drink, muffin, or other food items from your menu to reward users that stay for a certain amount of time. This can improve customer loyalty, encourage guests to stay longer which may increase revenue, and can create a more enjoyable overall experience for remote workers and freelancers who will want to come back. A joint study conducted by Upwork and the Freelancers Union advocacy group in 2017 found that freelance workers made up about a third of the US workforce that year. By 2027, more than half of workers will be freelancers, the study found – and this trend is also being reflected in the UAE. Surely these freelancers are on the lookout for a space like your restaurant!

You can transfer a dedicated area of your restaurant into a Startup Hub

Startup hubs are places that provide ideal conditions for entrepreneurs to flourish and accelerate the growth of their businesses. Restaurant locations are dinner-only restaurants that would otherwise sit empty during lunch hours. You can simply place power strips, install additional routers to ensure fast WiFi, and have the favorite coffee and tea bar options available all day long.

Become a co-working space restaurant, get listed on fluidmeet

When restaurants double as co-working spaces, they can generate revenue during otherwise profitless times and attract new customers. Think about the opportunity for additional revenue that this simple change would generate for you. Another benefit of turning your restaurant into a co-working space is reaching an entirely new target market. Furthermore, because restaurants turning into co-working spaces is still a new phenomenon, your restaurant could benefit from press coverage by being an early adopter of this trend.

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