Meeting Rooms Are Not Just for Meetings – Here Are Some Creative Ways You Can Use It.

meeting-roomsMeeting rooms are becoming a trend in today’s work culture. From small to mid-size rooms, meeting rooms are normally used for conducting official meetings, trainings, and small presentations.

Though the main purpose of meeting rooms is to conduct formal meetings, they can be used for a whole lot of other purposes as well. From networking to community building and conducting official events, the meeting rooms can be used for different purposes.

Let us have a look at a few ways in which meeting rooms can be used.

  • Meetups: Meetup involves coming together of freelancers, entrepreneurs, developers and even artists to discuss something in common. These are normally conducted in the meeting rooms of coworking space.

    For eg; A meetup to discuss the latest social media trends would attract entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who are interested in taking up a career in social media.
  • Skill shares: Meeting rooms are the right place to share your skill and also pick up on new ones. You can share technical skills like coding and web development as well as non-technical skills like art and craft in a meeting room.
  • Interviews: Meeting rooms in coworking spaces in Dubai are the right place to conduct interview for prospective employees. Since meeting rooms are small and well-equipped you can conduct interviews without any external disturbances. If the prospective employee is required to do some presentations on work, his presentation skill can also be judged as the meeting room is well equipped with projectors, whiteboard and speaker.
  • Launching a new product: If you want to test a new product before launching it, the meeting room is the right place to introduce the same to the employees. You can carry out a presentation of the product and can even physically show the operation of the same to the employees.
  • Coffee mornings: Do you want to take a break from your hectic schedule? Do you feel like having an informal session with your coworkers? Then meeting rooms are the right place.

    Coffee morning at meetup rooms are the right time to network with others and come up with innovative ideas.
  • Video and audio recording: Is recording a part of your work? Do you want to come up with interesting social media posts? Meeting rooms are the right place to do some audio and video recording.

    Since meeting rooms are professionally organized, carrying out a video or photo shoot is rather easy.
  • Brainstorming: Meeting rooms are the right place to brainstorm business ideas. Whether it is to execute a project in the current business or to come up with new business ideas, meeting rooms can be used to meet brainstorm ideas. The place can also be used to generate idea from others when you are stuck up in a certain situation.
  • Exhibition space: Are you a creative person interested in showcasing your creation to a small group of people? Then the meeting rooms are the right place. Meeting rooms in big business centers will be comparatively large where you can exhibit your paintings or photography.

Thus, meeting rooms are not just for conducting business meetings. As long as you do not cause disturbance to the fellow co-workers, you can use the meeting rooms for a number of creative purposes.

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