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Business Travelers and Co-Working Spaces, A Practical Guide for Business Travelers

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the UAE due to the changing working habits of professionals going on occasional business trips.  We look at a practical guide available to business travelers who are not confined to a traditional office.

The idea of doing your job outside an office is no longer a far-fetched concept. You could be working while going on a business trip, working from home, from your neighborhood cafe, or from one of the open-air coworking hubs in Dubai. You could even be on vacation in Dubai. This is the new working behavior for mobile professionals, freelancers, start-ups, founders, business travelers, designers, mompreneurs, and for others.

The office environment is changing, and it’s up to us to change with it. People require flexible workspaces and are no longer interested in being cooped up in cubicles or offices without a view. They have smartphones that provide mobility and freedom, yet they still need to be productive and effective in their tasks. A UK Government study has posited that a well-lit and well-ventilated workspace can increase employee satisfaction by 24%.

Co-working spaces in Dubai have launched just recently, offering rates based on a Dh500 per month membership scheme that offers professionals access to co-working spaces across Dubai, in several prime locations. Business travelers or mobile professionals in return get a beautifully designed space, excellent Wi-Fi connection, and an endless supply of free coffee, tea, and water, a Hot Desk if required. All of these are better options than staying in a noisy café or coping with conversations at surrounding tables in a café, or loud music playing in a lobby that can be extremely distracting and offer limited confidentiality to the business traveler. If you want to make phone calls in such places, you can’t be discreet during conversations with colleagues in public places. But in a co-working space, confidentiality is there. In many coworking spaces in Dubai, there are private phone booths to carry on a conversation.

This is how fluidmeet came up with a fantastic platform, offering you a new community of affordable co-working spaces across Dubai, which have launched with excellent amenities for the mobile professional or business traveler and for SMEs, and startups, all adapting to the changing needs of the working lifestyle.

Here are Three Practical Tips for the Business Traveler for using a Co-Working Space:

  1. Meet and Create a Diverse Network at a Co-working Space via Booking through Fluidmeet

When you book a co-working space, a meeting room, or an event space through fluidmeet, you will end up gaining new friends and colleagues. That’s because co-working spaces in Dubai allow you to constantly meet different entrepreneurs, promoting their organizations by setting up weekly events. And what’s the best part about it? You can collaborate! Offer your services to others and they may do the same. If you need someone to give you some technical support, just ask! Sharing office space with different brilliant minds is always an inspirational and motivating experience.

  1. Grow Your Inspiration, Productive Edge, Then Kick Back and Relax in Dubai

There’s just something about being in a space or a Hot Desk filled with leaders and creative minds, that really gets that inspiration flowing. When you see everyone else around you working hard, you’ll work just as hard, if not harder. And why are they working so hard? So that they can have time to enjoy the city they’re in (the reason most people even co-work abroad). You can plan to finish work early so you can soak up some beach time, enjoy the sun and visit the best attractions Dubai is known for. You wouldn’t want to miss that as a business traveler.

  1. fluidmeet will Help you Save!

Forget those constricted, square cubicles or longer-term leases—instead, enjoy the convenience of a coworking space! With fluidmeet, these opportunities are a real blessing for those looking to save on costs. While co-working, you don’t have to worry about utilities, office supplies, or even a Wi-Fi connection. Everything is provided for you including conference rooms and kitchens. What’s great about co-working spaces for a business traveler is that most spaces are designed to be stimulating and so comforting! Some co-working spaces in Dubai even have meditation rooms so you can disconnect for some me-time.

Do you want to rent an office space, book a banquet hall, or have corporate event spaces that are convenient for your business? Visit us at, and we can assist you. Download the fluidmeet App now!

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.

Blog Prepared by fluidmeet Staff Writer
Author: Maha Ahmad

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