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A Practical Guide to Marketing Your Business Centers and Serviced Offices

The First Impression of a Business Center Matters

Many business centers and services offices in the UAE lose out on filling their space simply because they haven’t invested in a professional front end. You only have one chance to get it right when it comes to successfully engaging with a new potential client. After you have spent all this effort on marketing, branding, and design, the receptionists who answer incoming calls and greet visitors play an integral role in making a professional first impression and opening the door to those entrepreneurs and startups looking for a serviced office like yours. So how is it done? How can your business center stand out from the crowd?

Properly Train Your Staff and Have FAQs Ready

Very often new business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi struggle to allocate sufficient resources to hiring qualified receptionists, using their talent acquisition budget on other roles that may seem more important. Even though salespeople matter, when they are busy serving others, the receptionist is left puzzled in understanding how to answer queries, due to a lack of product knowledge. Ensure that your service desk staff have an induction on Frequently Asked Questions ready at hand for any tricky questions that need to be tackled on the spot. It’s also important to spend time training them and conducting rehearsals on what to say and how to say it.

Differentiate Your Feature Benefits to Startups and Entrepreneurs. Be Flexible to Meet Their Individual Needs

What are the packages that you offer? Are they clear? Make sure that your clients can compare apples to apples and understand what your competition offer, and how you differ and add value. Do you have any of the following benefits and features, that other business centers and serviced offices don’t offer? What more could you offer that they can’t?

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  • Offer 24-hour access to your office and easy parking facilities. If you don’t have parking facilities, please explain alternative flexible options available
  • Offer flexible contract lengths, as well as flexible options to expand or downsize if required
  • Offer cutting-edge office equipment and high-speed, flat-rate internet package
  • Get listed on the fluidmeet platform and make sure your target audience is aware of you.
  • Have flexible use of conference rooms/training rooms if needed
  • Make sure you offer a friendly shared use of the communal space which has a great ambiance (office/conferencing technology, conference rooms, lounges, an amazing coffee zone relaxing area, etc….)
  • Have incoming calls answered with your company name for a certain period of time as a trial
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Show the Cost-Benefit Factor; Cost Savings That Pay Off

If your client is renting, say up to 8 workstations, business centers and serviced offices are invariably more cost-efficient than a traditional office. Make sure that your clients know the cost-benefit factor; depending on the number of workstations rented, the cost benefits range from 24% to 200%.

Give The SO WHAT or WOW Factor; Why Is This Important For Entrepreneurs and Startups?

Events are always important for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Why not offer topics of interest that will bring their business in a new direction? Featuring guest speakers from your community of tenants can engage the community and allow them to network with each other. Invite banks and other service providers to share their knowledge with your tenants.

Provide Relevant Blogs That Matter to Business Owners

It’s really important to be viewed as a thought leader in your business. Tenants, prospects, partners, and seekers should be able to come to you for reliable answers. Sharing your experiences and understanding in the form of a letter, blog, or article would be the first step in posturing yourself as that subject matter expert. There is no need to post irrelevant content that will not be of benefit to your members or new potential members. For example, you can blog about some sound advice on different licensing or different ideas for holding a business meeting productively. Don’t blog for the sake of SEO, without offering thought leadership skills to make you the trusted business center in the UAE.

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.

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