What Do Wedding Venues Look Like During COVID Times?

Ballroom 1The loosening of restrictions around social events like weddings, anniversaries, engagements and baby showers, has now meant that events have resumed in the UAE. But what do real life events look like post COVID? Is it going to be the same from now on?

As of May 17th 2021, safety measures are in place for wedding celebrations, anniversaries and all live entertainment. This means that there will be continued mandatory wearing of face masks, along with observing physical distancing of 2 meters.

We have to accept that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and we need to adjust to the way we celebrate weddings and engagements and the way we book our wedding venues and event spaces. There are so many people involved, from banquet hosts, to event planner, to florists, to hair stylists, to photographers, to the way we socially interact, all have to be more controlled. There was a whole year of social events like weddings, anniversaries and engagements that had been postponed., and may even be cancelled. However, we should be mindful that the loosening of restrictions doesn’t lead to a uncontrollable situation where cases reappear. You want to be remembered as the enjoyable wedding, not the one that caused a new outbreak 😊. We need to learn to live in a different way and continue celebrating special occasions – and book wedding venues to create awesome memories.


Wedding halls are allowed to have a maximum number of attendees of 100 – and all attendees and staff should have received the vaccine. To control the spread of Covid 19, wedding venues should continue to observe physical distancing of 2 meters and attendees should continue to wear face masks, and attendees must have a negative PCR test. Wedding venues must also be sterilised daily and after each use.

COVID regulations have taken away quite a few important elements of a wedding day, such as intimacy amongst the couple, greetings, hugs and dancing in groups. There is also the discomfort of wearing masks, the time restriction to the wedding celebration to last no more than 4 hours.

On the other hand, it has also impacted the setup of a wedding venue in a surprisingly positive way.

Jawad Saade from Edge Creekside Hotel believes that “health safety in style” is paramount during the wedding season. “We want to ensure that the bride and groom celebrate this important day knowing that their family and friends will be safe from COVID. We want to give them that reassurance that the space has been sanitized, the distance between tables and chairs is as per higher authorities’ guidance. Edge Hotel staff have all been vaccinated. The buffet is serviced by a staff member who is always wearing gloves and a mask. So these little gestures ensure confidence in our actions and beliefs. We look forward to welcoming all vaccinated people at social events as we enter this new stage.


For centuries, cultures have celebrated the milestones of life, such as weddings, baby showers, and these celebrations will not end, they just need to be done differently from now on. Book your banquet halls and event spaces at fluidmeet.

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Author: Maha Ahmad


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