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How to Kick off a Successful End of Year Party

As the year 2022 is gradually coming to an end, it’s very important you take out time to thank your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers for their commitment and trust during the annual corporate celebration. Are you going to organize a staff party or customer event, or are you going to share your plans and business goals for the beginning of next year? Having an end of year party celebration event would be the perfect platform to deliver these inspirational messages.

8 Tips to Help Your Company Annual Party Be Ready for 2023

1. Set The Date, Theme, and Budget

Since it is December already, it is not too early to book your New Year corporate event date now! Selecting the right date is important and can be tricky since lots of employees take time out to travel or commit to their personal family affairs. The day and date will affect the number of people who can attend and therefore the success of your event. Many company events are typically held in the period between Christmas and New Year’s. So you have 4 days from the 26th to the 30th for an annual event. The second choice for your annual event would be from the 14th of December till the 23rd.

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Furthermore, selecting the right message and supporting theme is also important. Know why you are setting up the event, know what you want to achieve and make sure your entire organization is on board with the message. Our recommendation is to add positivity to the theme. Make sure you emphasize that you’ve accomplished a lot during the year. Short stories related to the challenges and how you had overcome them go a long way to remind managers and employees of the hurdles they faced and how their ingenuity and innovation kicked in and helped them get past them.

Finally, don’t forget to set and follow a budget. This way, you don’t end up with an event that costs more than planned. To make sure that everyone celebrates the year in the right way, be generous because that value goes a long way in reflecting the employees’ perception of their company.

2. Talk About Your Company Objectives for 2023

It is a good time to remind your staff members and partners about the company’s plans and objectives. The timing is right, and it will certainly get them to work harder, and motivation is the key! It’s probably good to have a light speech reminding employees about the best achievements for 2022, and briefly discuss a 2023 inspirational quote, without bombarding your audience too much with details at this stage.

3. Announce Your company New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

You may be spending plenty of time revamping your company’s strategy for the year ahead, but don’t forget about the needs and goals of your individual employees. You may have a huge annual meeting to discuss the previous year. Toward the end, why not have everyone set three resolutions for themselves related to how they can be happier and do better work? In many cases, when they’re at a company celebration and they’re given the freedom to choose what they would like to achieve for the upcoming year, you will be surprised at the goals employees set for themselves. If you’re a leader at the company, be the first to set those goals. Show them your ambition. Show them how pumped you are. Provide them with insights on how you plan to achieve these goals. Encourage them to come to you for help on how they can achieve their goals. And finally, make sure they have fun while they do it.

4. Plan a Detailed Agenda for a Succesful End of Year Party

Don’t go to the start of the event without a proper agenda, or you’ll end up wasting time and neglecting important considerations. Keep a detailed agenda for the topics you need to cover, the timings of people concerned about when to serve dinner, when the music should start, and the order in which you need to cover the agenda. Is there a need for a microphone, a podium, lighting, and a stereo system? Ensure that acoustics is well covered and the venue organizers that are providing you space should take care of this from A to Z. fluidmeet is a platform that has a list of event spaces and banquet halls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and will give a detailed list of amenities required to help you prepare for a successful end of year party. 

5. Boost Staff Morale

An End of Year party gives your employees the chance to relax and get to know each other as they engage in social activities. It’s also a way for them to unwind and get to know one another in a relaxed setting, in a different event space, and over a nice dinner.

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Especially for your staff members and partners, providing simple yet interesting information will get them on their toes to work harder. Information and motivation are key to looking forward to next year. It’s not about pressuring them with data and figures at this early stage; it’s just about enlightening them and making them look forward to the 2023 company goals. If you are planning on recruiting in 2023, then talking about the number of satisfied employees will also be helpful to convince future forces to come to work for your business. 

6. Personalize Your Party

To give your party a personal touch, why not invest in some creative decorations centered on a particular theme of the idea? Perhaps you have a particular color scheme in mind, perhaps to blend with your logo colors. So be sure to set aside enough time to purchase any necessary decorations required to personalize your end of year party. Alternatively, you could likewise ask your guests to come dressed in keeping with your chosen theme. In other words, have fun!

Draw your end of year party together in perfect beauty and style.

7. Bring in Live Entertainment

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If you’re keen on hosting a New Year’s Party that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, and if your budget permits, you could consider hiring a small band or musical group that specializes in pop, classical or jazz music, depending on your preference. Live musicians add a touch of style and warmth to your event and they are also ideal when it comes to playing and performing songs on request. You can even go to as far as requesting the band to play your staff’s favorite songs! 

8. Choose The Right Party Venue

fluidmeet is a platform that helps you select the right party venue for your event.  Spend some time screening and choosing your favorite banquet hall, select the number of people attending and you will automatically receive a list of options for you to choose from.

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