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How Business Centers in the UAE Are Helping Business Owners Flourish

Since the financial crisis hit in 2008 and 2010, landlords have realized that they are now working in a market where tenants need to be more flexible. And the growth of creative and tech businesses triggered a change in the work lifestyles of business professionals and the rise in demand for more flexible offices. As employees are now working remotely out of traditional offices, the need for office space reducing.

The Rise of Business Centres in the UAE

As a result, Flexi-desks and hot-desking are increasingly becoming in demand, and so are co-working spaces (desks, cubicles) and meeting rooms and events spaces. The infrastructure to do business in the UAE is very well developed, allowing you the ease of doing business, and due to the systems and set standards that are easy to follow. This led to the rise in business centers in the UAE.

Business centers in the UAE have been experts in designing the best setups to facilitate the growth of every business from start-ups to SMEs. Business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are offering complete turnkey business services and cost-effective office solutions, and this is perfectly aligned to suit the business needs of entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, and even larger more established organizations. Amenities such as furniture, licensing arrangements, receptionists, plug and play facilities are all part of the serviced office solutions that are provided by these business centers.

According to research conducted by MAGNiTT, Dubai is a pioneering center for start-up investment across the MENA region. Home to one-third of MENA’s investors, the city is the start-up core center of a region that in 2018 saw US $893 million in start-up funding, a year-on-year increase of 31%.

All this led to a boom in business centers popping up all over the UAE and even globally.

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There were some obstacles for startups due to the high cost of licensing and renting office space in Dubai. Due to the rise in the number of business incubators, serviced offices, and co-working spaces, various other support schemes also started to boom. Dubai has introduced a number of free zones that cater to such needs of specific sectors, and many free zones offer packages designed specifically for startups.

The onshore licensing authority, the Department of Economic Development (DED) has also taken the right steps to reduce licensing costs and allow businesses to operate from co-working spaces and serviced offices.

“As part of the guiding principles of tolerance and growth, Dubai is a politically neutral, business-friendly global hub that focuses on creating economic opportunities for people. This is why business centers in the UAE will grow since they make people’s lives easier. With this in mind, we developed an innovative platform to serve the needs of such entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and other business owners looking for that perfect match to suit their customized office solutions”, stated Mr. Jareer Oweimrin, Executive Director of fluidmeet.

 SIX Top Reasons Why People Prefer to Set up a Business Centre in the UAE

  1. Business Centers are More Profitable.

They spare you from additional charges; they will only require you to pay for the actual use and won’t require you to settle payments for a long time. So if business owners rent out serviced offices in business centers, this will avoid huge initial set-up costs that are usually involved in traditional office rentals.

  1. Business Centers are More Flexible.

With serviced offices within a business center, you get flexibility at its fullest. All the typical amenities and services are provided, such as reception meet and greet, call answering, mail scanning, mail management, internet, and assistance with the admin. You get to enjoy zero to minimum costs for administrative and secretarial services, as serviced offices have their own reception services that can help in your daily organizational tasks.

  1. Business Centers Have a Process and Systems in Place.

Business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have automated processes, so if you are just starting off, you will see a standard process in place, which alleviates you from worrying about the issues that may divert your attention from your core business. When it comes to banking, although it takes time to open a bank account, once it is open, everything is easily provided. Other examples; are business registration and company formation, ejari licensing, and Tawthiq, which are all dealt with by the business center.

  1. Business Centers Provide You with Resident Visas.

Business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will provide businesses with visas, and dependent visas for family members. Instead of going through the hassle of doing this yourself, a business center can process all this for you.

  1. Business Centers Save You Time.

Licensing takes no more than 2 to 3 working days if you have all the documentation ready. It’s important to be aware that the shortest time to have your business up and running is four weeks.

  1. Business Centers Give You Prestige

Business Centers are purpose-built spaces available in prestigious locations around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering thoughtfully designed, stylish furniture, with free parking, giving businesses the utmost privacy and security. As a business owner, it’s always nice to have a location that impresses your clients.

It’s important to note that with several new initiatives being rolled out to promote entrepreneurial growth, the UAE is keen to raise its profile as the main hub for SME activity in the MENA region. Over the next few years, the UAE could well witness a remarkable new phase in SME growth and innovation. So entrepreneurs and other businesses need to be part of this huge growth and set up business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

There is a wide range of highly flexible serviced offices, and business centers that are listed on the fluidmeet platform. You can even simply book a meeting room in a business center if you don’t need more than that.

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“The beauty about how business centers work is that they provide business owners with flexible office space solutions – serviced offices or co-working (shared) spaces. Furniture, water & electricity, and IT facilities are already in place, saving business owners time and money, and allowing them to focus on the core business and its growth. As the company grows, it allows businesses to grow and expand with ease and speed.

Fluidmeet helps business owners by connecting them to business centers that can cater to their requirements. Whether you are looking for a space to set up your company license or to work from, for yourself or your team, fluidmeet can help”, explained Mr. Suleiman Salloum, Executive Director of fluidmeet.

About fluidmeet:

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