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5 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are a Better Fit for You

Following a worldwide surge in demand for coworking spaces, corporates now see this as a better fit for them. They realized that the traditional office is just not as popular as it used to be. Companies, governments and even public administrations now understand the importance of the coworking culture in increasing productivity and revenues. 

In 2016, Microsoft was the first corporation to integrate the flexible office space into its operations. Then Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, UBER and Airbnb began implementing social environments in the workplace. Furthermore, several Fortune 500 companies followed on, including Ernest & Young, HSBC, IBM, and Bank of America. This trend of large corporations choosing coworking spaces, forecasts constant growth ahead. Indeed, there are several reasons why these coworking spaces are a better fit for these large companies, and this includes:

Relaxed Work Culture

Coworking spaces offer a more vibrant, relaxed, and stress relieving atmosphere that helps boost your productivity. They possess unique characteristics that equip enterprises with the customizable benefits and flexibility, which traditional offices fail to provide. This includes office ergonomics, which focuses on optimizing the workplace environment in a manner that best enhances your health and productivity.

Social Interaction and Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces accommodate a diverse variety of people you can connect, communicate, and socially interact with on a daily basis. So, whether it’s a web designer, marketer, or even a legal expert, you are bound to find one at your coworking space. Also, this provides you with a valuable opportunity to build the foundation for an extensive network of business contacts and professionals, that best enhances your business.


Coworking spaces provide great added value to business owners and freelancers in a manner that is both cost effective and efficient. According to Gensler, 14 percent of corporate workers now use coworking spaces on a regular basis, saving corporations about 25 percent in comparison to leased properties. One of the biggest motivators for companies utilizing coworking spaces is to save money and boost employee performance. These coworking spaces come fully furnished and offer an array of services and amenities at an all-inclusive price point.


Coworking spaces offer great flexibility when it comes to short-term and long-term contracts. They are flexible when it comes to reassessing your office space, to provide you with the best fit possible. Additionally, coworking spaces offer 3 main rental memberships. Firstly, Hot Desk members gain access to all the benefits and amenities, excluding a daily personal spot. Secondly, Dedicated Desk members get to choose their own spot and guarantee a fixed personal desk. Finally, the Office members gain the best of both worlds, in terms of privacy and community. Indeed, this diverse range of options best satisfies the variety of needs and wants present within clients.


A lively, social, and spirited environment bears the fruit of creative work. Coworking spaces can sometimes be the breath of fresh air that reinvigorates the creativity within. An everchanging community of inspiring and diverse group of people is just what you need to rejuvenate the ingenuity and inventiveness within. The change of scenery ever so present within coworking spaces delivers a revival in the working environment.

So, does this mean that the traditional office space is dead? Are we going to see the third space, co-shared arrangements? People are working at odd hours of the day, without compromising productivity. Some people are not motivated to work in a traditional office. However, what is right for your corporate culture and workforce needs, may not be the same for another corporation. So, make sure to assess your situation carefully before making that key change for your business.  

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