The New Way of Working: The Smart Serviced Office and The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is a Smart Serviced Office and How Does It Work?


A report published by Markets and Markets indicates that the smart office market is expected to be valued at USD 46.11 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 12.94% between 2017 and 2023. This phenomenal growth in smart and connected products, combined with IoT services results in the high growth of the smart office market.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and How Does it Work?

The Internet of Things (IoT), also sometimes referred to as the Internet of Everything (IoE), consisting of all the web-enabled devices that collect, send and act on data they acquire from their surrounding environments, such as serviced offices, business centers, using embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware. Over the past few years, IoT has emerged as a revolutionary technology that connects with us, making our lives more convenient and enhancing our workspace experience altogether. Smart serviced offices and smart business centers are just that; they use state-of-the-art building technology to improve workers’ performance and tenants’ convenience and reveal new ways to use office space efficiently, as well as economically.

What is a Connected Environment?


We are surrounded by technology and lots of devices connected through the internet, day and night, and we use lots of gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches which can be connected. This increases our convenience and efficiency. While we spend most of the time working in an office then it is important to use this technology in our offices wisely, to increase the working efficiency of entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs, and even help them manage their daily tasks more effectively. Imagine the gadget on your wrist telling you your peak productivity timings depending on the position in the office (whether facing the window, across from a colleague in a coworking space, or when you’re in the phonebooth.

Not all organizations have the vision to adopt this technology. Serviced offices and business centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi understand that a slight increase in productivity will help in achieving more targets and even give you the power to stay in this competitive business environment for long.

So if you want to make a safe, comfortable, and convenient working environment then you have to try and make your serviced office and business center smart with the presence of all IoT devices.

Occupancy of Meeting Rooms & Shared Workspaces 

Being connected means that Infrared sensors can detect the presence of bookings and the occupancy rate in a room. If needed, an empty meeting room or a quiet area within the serviced office can be found easily. This technology enhances the serviced office concepts using shared workspaces. When arriving at the serviced office or business center, workers can simply check an app for empty workspaces and can be navigated there if desired. This way, workers don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a workspace and experience a more comfortable and stress-free start to their busy day. fluidmeet also connects serviced offices, business centers to workers to book an empty coworking space or meeting room at the touch of a button.

A Smart Serviced Office is a Smart Investment


There’s no doubt that IoT in workspaces has numerous benefits. However, due to its primitive security features, consumers have a lot of skepticism about it. They are always in a constant dilemma of whether they should use it or not. Till now, people haven’t figured out whether its benefits outweigh its disadvantages or not. Perhaps in a few years, once the security features are well developed, people would embrace the concept of smart office systems without hesitation. However, you need to know that IoT-powered serviced offices and business centers mean way more than just temperature control or lighting via a smartphone. It means quick, efficient, and safe operations which results in a better return on investment.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and other startups must consider that the benefits from an IoT-enabled serviced office can have huge positive results for business success.  For business centers and serviced offices, it’s important to note that installing IoT devices doesn’t cause obstacles to your users’ privacy and the overall office environment. fluidmeet is a platform that lists a plethora of smart serviced offices and smart business centers across the UAE. If you are in favor of the smart office systems, then sign up and search for the workspace options available to you.

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.


Blog Prepared by fluidmeet Staff Writer

Author: Maha Ahmad support@fluidmeet.com


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