Coworking Space – How to Renovate to Make it More Attractive?

Images-Coworking-Space-FluidmeetMillennials get bored of their office space very fast. They want their work space to be attractive and vibrant and change with the time. Thus, whether you are running a co-working space or a serviced office in Dubai renovation is inevitable.

While renovating a co-working space in Dubai, your clients should be your primary consideration. The renovation should be such that it adds to the productivity of the co-workers and at the same time provides a visual appeal to the office.

How to Renovate Your Co-Working Space?

If you are planning to get your co-working space renovated, here are some interesting ideas

  • Let in the natural light: Modern work space is all about natural light. Artificial light has no place in a modern co-working space. Let natural light come in by going for full-glass windows. You can also bring down the cubicle walls so that more natural light can seep through. In case cubicles are a must-have in your co-working space, then go for low walls to let the light pass through.
  • Consider the health and wellness of employees: The design of the co-working space should be such that the employees feel comfortable both physically and mentally. Invest in ergonomically designed chairs, standing desk and tools to adjust the height of the monitor. The nutrition and stress management of the co-workers should also be considered. You can go for a pantry with some healthy snacks like sandwich. Having a lounge or game room lets the co-workers unwind and relax in between work.
  • Bring the nature indoor: Various studies have shown that indoor plants can improve the productivity of co-workers. Hence, it is a good idea to place a few indoor plants in the office. Another alternative is to place desktop plant on each desk so that the employees feel connected with nature. If you find it difficult to maintain indoor plants in the office, then you should at least consider redesigning the office layout so that the workers can see the greenery outside.
  • Decorate the walls: Plain and boring walls create a dull feel inside the co-working space. Instead, brighten the wall with beautiful wall art and other decorative pieces. You can even hang inspirational quotes in bold colors to brighten up the space.
  • Invest in a good air freshener: Having a good smelling office can affect the overall productivity of the employees. Whether it is lemon, jasmine or lavender, a good smelling office creates a positive vibe on the workers.

You can either install an automatic air freshener in the office or go for a colorful potpourri with essential oil of your choice. But make sure that the smell is not overpowering so as to distract the attention of the co-workers.

While renovating co-working space, make sure that work is done outside the office hours. This way, the co-workers are not disturbed and you can complete the work in a time-bound manner.

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