Startups and freelancers – symbiosis at its finest

Start-ups are all about saving costs for the first initial years as they are still new to the market and trying to test the waters and find their way in the market. In one of our earlier blogs, we spoke at length about how start-ups have led the way in the adoption of coworking spaces to save on costs.

We’re not here to belabor the point of co-working spaces and start-ups, but we want to posit one important hypothesis: you meet a lot of new people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, nationalities, and projects. And all these different people can add new value to your project from ideas to new strategies, to potentially a full-fledged collaboration. This not only helps you network with people under the same roof, but you’re already saving on rent and amenities.

Working with freelancers can often be challenging. At times it is easy to go for online ventures where you find very affordable freelancers who work by the hour. However, when you are a start-up you have already enough on your plate and you would not want to get another thing to worry about. Isn’t it easier to work with freelancers under the same roof as you? You don’t have to constantly check on them and neither do you have to worry about telling about them any changes, esp. if you are working with a graphic designer – he or she can sit down with you thoroughly understand your brand and come up with designs. From that, in that instance, you can approve or decline instead of waiting for them to send the work and then review it and then send your feedback. Designing is tedious so in the middle of the design as well you can ask for changes and they would be able to fix it as per your requirements. That level of efficiency offsets the cost you might have saved by hiring someone on the world wide web. Freelancers often like to work on a project to project basis, however, there are quite a few who like to work on a long-term basis with the same employer as they have established trust. They know their working pattern and they can be flexible in the timing, etc. You can have endless brainstorming sessions with your group of people and this could be with the freelancer included😊

coworking space in dubai

With fluidmeet, you don’t need to set out on a hunt for your part-time workers or freelancers separately. We have the most expansive network of coworking spaces across the UAE, and with that in mind, you’ll be able to network with potential suppliers, clients, or even partners. We also know that a lot of bigger companies are choosing to relocate to some of these coworking spaces so they could be closer to the innovation that’s usually sparked in these venues. This will be one of those hidden benefits which being there only benefit your business.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Log on to fluidmeet

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