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Dubai and Abu Dhabi are ideal locations for meetings and events offering a wide selection of luxury venues for coaches and trainers to choose from. For larger events, event planners, coaches, and trainers can easily source a wide choice of event spaces, conference halls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, meeting rooms, ballrooms, and seminar rooms. What’s even more flexible, is that the setup can be customized to suit the needs of their attendees.

What’s great about this wide choice of training rooms, is that coaches and trainers can now compare prices and venues online, by looking at the list of options available on the fluidmeet platform.  What is interesting to see as a trend now, is that booking a training room, a team-building activity, or a venue or event space to suit these modified requirements, has now become as easy as booking a hotel room.

There has been an increase in demand for booking such meeting rooms and training rooms, and with this in mind, fluidmeet understood and spotted these customer insights, and hence developed an innovative platform, making it easier for coaches, trainers, and event planners to book their next training session, conference room or boardroom in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in an effortless process.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an SME looking to book such a space for your next training session, then the process of booking your next training venue in Dubai or Abu Dhabi has become so much easier. There is no longer the need for you to contact each venue and wait for quotes.   With the fluidmeet app, you simply rent your ideal training room that is customized according to your training needs. Whether you’re an enterprise that needs a satellite office around Dubai, or a creative startup looking for a flexible working space, a banquet hall, or simply looking to rent a one-time boardroom meeting, you’ll find plenty of options for boardrooms, conference rooms, and training rooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to choose from.

What’s even more impressive about using the fluidmeet app to book your next office space, training rooms, or meeting rooms online, is that you no longer have to deal with leases or complicated rental agreements.

The fluidmeet platform will allow you to find available spaces conveniently located across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at a touch of a button.

What Type of Training Rooms Are Available on the fluidmeet Platform?

 Interview Rooms:  If your company is looking to grow, then book an interview room and meet with prospective candidates – there are no limits on the number of guests you can bring.

Boardrooms: Large boardrooms are available on the fluidmeet app with space for 8 to 12 people, or even more. All the choices of boardrooms available on the fluidmeet platform are outfitted with premium furniture.

Training Rooms: Set the space up to run your specific company training events, and of course catering is available.

Banquet Halls: Our choice of larger meeting rooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are perfect for holding all types of events, from small events to large banquet halls.

“With fluidmeet, you will get access to a large choice and will be able to book online. Fast, flexible and totally free for its users, it gives you the opportunity to compare in real-time all the offers and book a meeting room in just a few clicks”.  Ahmad Gamal, Head of a Coaching Company.

Why Should You Book Your Next Meeting Room Online via fluidmeet

  • Cost Efficiency. If you book through fluidmeet you save on costs since prices offered through our app are discounted by 10-40 % on average. Try it out!
  • Saves Time: Going through fluidmeet saves you time since all processes are automated until you actually need to speak to the venue.
  • Excellent locations. If you want to book a meeting room in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, fluidmeet choices of training rooms, meeting rooms, and seminar rooms are located in perfect convenience and are easy to reach.
  • Comfort.  The fluidmeet meeting room options give you the highest comfort to your guests, providing a hotel-like environment.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for all training rooms. The best audio, projectors, and video devices in the training rooms are provided – only giving the best standards for your clients.
  • Excellent ventilation. Training rooms are equipped with air-conditioning that makes the participants feel at ease.
  • Wireless points.  The fluidmeet choice of Boardrooms, banquet halls, and meeting rooms are all well-equipped with wireless internet points to cater to your guests.
  • It Makes Life Easier. When you request a quote online, it takes just five minutes and fluidmeet collects the relevant information, such as the date and timing of your event booking, the number of people, what equipment is required, F&B, accommodation requirements (sleeping rooms), and your budget. It’s that simple.

With fluidmeet, you can pay by the hour for a fully-equipped meeting room, including facilities, furniture, high-speed internet, and a staffed reception.

How Do You Use the fluidmeet App?

 fluidmeet is so Easy to Use

fluidmeet is a platform that helps you find the serviced office, co-working space, meeting rooms, or banquet halls that match your requirements. It is so easy to place a request or book an event space online through fluidmeet.  You save an enormous amount of time by placing a request for a quote online (instead of contacting each venue and waiting for a quote). fluidmeet allows you to compare and research all the proposals and make the right choice, saving you costs since venues are competitively priced on fluidmeet.

This is the new age of online bookings, no need to waste your time and visit the venue before you book – everything is done online!

Here are the Steps to Book your Next Training Room Online


Select the city and location, type of room you are looking for and click “search”. You will land on a search page with different meeting room options, click “view details” of event spaces that interest you, and start comparing offerings. Through our online portal, you can find a wide selection of meeting roomsbanquet hallsbusiness centersserviced offices, boardrooms, and co-working spaces.


When you find the right workspace for your requirements, you can book online. fluidmeet offers you short-term periods i.e. hourly or daily. The aim here is to get you the training room of your choice booked asap. Simply browse through the options that you like. You can filter by preferred location, venue type, capacity, and layouts.

If you wish to book it, then simply select the date, reserve the number of hours, the layout, and the number of expected delegates.  You can also select the amenities that you need, such as a microphone, flipchart, projector, or sound system. Finally, you can click on Book.

At fluidmeet, we are enabling our potential customers to be put into direct contact with potential providers of event spaces required, thus facilitating this need via the use of our innovative digital platform. In addition, fluidmeet allows our clients to have faster communication and saves them time and money.


All bookings and requests are confirmed by email. Enjoy your workspace and enjoy your training room! And if you need assistance or have any questions or feedback, you can contact us directly at .

Book your next events, training room, exhibitions or social gatherings to make them memorable or try out our fluidmeet app!

Do you want to rent an office space, or book a banquets, halls, or corporate event spaces that are convenient for your business?  Then contact us at fluidmeet, we can assist you.

Download the fluidmeet App now!

It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.

Blog Prepared by fluidmeet Staff Writer
Author: Maha Ahmad

About fluidmeet:

Established in 2015, fluidmeet is a leading online marketplace and an emerging booking and venue management platform that “connects” individuals and corporates seeking rental of serviced offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and banquet halls with venues and their hosts in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

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