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Corporate Event Booking – Why fluidmeet is the App for You

The traditional way of running a business from your office or your cubicle is a thing of the past. The rise of mobile professionals has not only made businesses more efficient but revolutionized most industries.

One thing that those mobile businesses are in desperate need of is a workspace for meetings and event space.  Event organizers and event planners for large seminars and exhibitions or conferences are always in need of event space and workspace. SMEs are also in seek of event space because they regularly cover training and informative events for their target market. The fluidmeet app has come up with a perfect solution for these sectors, an app that can help them select the right meeting room or event space, at the right time, and in the right location.

Your Next Online Corporate Event Booking Can Be Effortless Through The fluidmeet App

Although they are mobile and free to roam as they see fit, they need a station to work in or meet for a few hours. Businesses are on the search to save costs and avoid business lounges and hotel meeting rooms which are often distracting and inefficient. There are listings of event spaces in Dubai, event spaces in Abu Dhabi, and banquets and event halls in Dubai, that businesses can take advantage of. These listings are found through the fluidmeet online meeting App.

What business owners, travelers, entrepreneurs, and startups and in real need of are an online, customizable, and real-time platform that will allow them to book the workspace and banquet hall they need, when they need it and with the price, they are willing to pay for. Just like booking a hotel online or buying a plane ticket, now you will be able to book a workspace, a banquet, or a meeting room in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, in the same manner, and in the same simplicity. You will get a whole list of banquets, meeting rooms, and venues to choose from while sitting in your comfort zone and avoiding all the hassle of calling several venues and waiting for quotes.

Trends and Innovations in the Meeting Industry

Sending inquiries in a traditional way, sending emails to multiple places to find the right venue, is now shifting to being a more efficient, secure way to find a venue for mobile business owners. You can place yourself in the shoes of those inquiring and booking. They tend to search online, call 20 different places, receive emails or messages from multiple parties, organize it based on their requirements, and filter the options. It does not stop there; this lengthy process will also involve you visiting the venue to finalize the details, and sign a lengthy contract and it is all so cumbersome. This whole process takes a lot of time and much of the information is scattered. This leads to a lot of frustration and inconvenience. With fluidmeet, the vast majority of this process is simplified.

Online booking is very safe, and you can upgrade the number of attendees if that changes. So let’s say you have pre-booked an event 20 days prior to the event, there is a functionality on the fluidmeet online meeting App that allows you to modify your request, the number of meals required, and so forth.

It’s time to start planning every gathering smoothly and effortlessly. From business lunches to VIP boardroom meetings, group bookings, or even seminars, workshops, training, and conferences, go to It’s all designed in a more fluid way with fluidmeet, offering you the flexibility to cancel and respect the cancellation policy and terms and conditions of booking your venue.

The online booking of events, by fluidmeet App, is so easy to use, there are no booking fees, and there are over a thousand meeting rooms to choose from globally.

How Flexible is Booking a Corporate Event Venue in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Whether you’re planning a small meeting for just three people in a board room, or an event for 3,000 attendees, the fluidmeet app has everything you expect in an event space in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Take The Stress Out of Small Meetings with the fluidmeet App

We’ve all been there, your task is to book a small meeting, a banquet hall in Dubai or corporate event spaces, or a banquet hall in Abu Dhabi – it seems easy – but it can all too often turn into real stress! You find yourself juggling the logistics of time, venue, attendees, food requirements, and room requirements. As soon as one problem is solved, another seems to pop up.  So why not save time, save money, and request a quote online via the fluidmeet app.

fluidmeet offers the perfect solution. It’s simple to book, hassle-free, and flexible – perfect for meetings with up to 25 people or more…

Booking Meeting Rooms is Now a Whole Lot Easier

When you choose the fluidmeet app, you choose total simplicity. No surprises, just everything you need, included in one bundled package.

What are the Perks of Corporate Event Booking via fluidmeet?

  1. No need to visit the venues and wait a few days for a quote
  2. No complex contracts
  3. Cancellation is 48 hours after the booking has been made
  4. Event space is booked and paid for online through a safe and secure payment gateway
  5. Free Wi-Fi
  6. Room hire
  7. Servings for tea/coffee/water
  8. LCD projector and screen, flipchart, and stationery
  9. No charge if you change your mind
  10. Event space is booked and paid for online
  11. Food & beverages: the client requires a space with catering. It could be coffee breaks and lunch for corporate events, Lunch or Dinner, and drinks for social events. These requests may be placed online in the form of an RFQ (request for quote or proposal)
Corporate event booking

With the fluidmeet app, you can just call or email us at and amend or cancel your booking within 48 hours of arrival.

And it couldn’t be easier to book!

1. Call or email your chosen banquet halls in Dubai or banquet halls in Abu Dhabi
2. Receive an online offer by email
3. Confirm your booking with one simple click

Why Do Our Clients Love the fluidmeet App?

“The fluidmeet app works really well for us and offers great flexibility in terms of inclusions and price points for the smaller meetings we book, giving extra options if we need them”, Olandopo Filani, Owner of a Life Coach Company.

We send you a customizable email template that you can confirm back to us. Our goal at fluidmeet is to simplify the workspace search process for you. By using the fluidmeet app, you no longer have to go through a tiresome/time-consuming process of research, calling venues for info, and waiting on proposals. With fluidmeet, you can directly book & pay for your short-term (hours or days) reservations or submit a request to be connected to venue owners for longer-term reservations (weeks, months, years).

“For the past three years, I’ve been coming from London for my crypt training here in Dubai. Thanks to fluidmeet, I’ve had very smooth and professional training and I continue to use fluidmeet. I highly recommend others book online via fluidmeet. Thank you fluidmeet for making my life easier!”, Rizwan Johar, Owner of Crypto Currency Training.

How Do You Use the fluidmeet App?

fluidmeet is a Platform that helps you find the serviced office, co-working space, meeting rooms, or banquet halls that match your requirements. It is so easy to place a request or book an event space online through fluidmeet.  You save an enormous amount of time by placing a request for a quote online (instead of contacting each venue and waiting for a quote). fluidmeet allows you to compare and research all the proposals and make the right choice, saving you costs since venues are competitively priced on fluidmeet.

This is the new age of online bookings, no need to waste your time and visit the venue before you book – everything is done online!

Here Are The Steps to Book Your Next Corporate Event Venue Online:


Select the city and workspace type you are looking for and click “search”. You will land on a search page with different workspace options, click “view details” of workspaces that interest you and start comparing offerings. Through our online portal, you can find a wide selection of meeting roomsbanquet hallsbusiness centersserviced offices, and co-working spaces.


When you find the right workspace for your requirements, you can either:

1. Book It Online

if the workspace is offered on short-term periods i.e. hourly or daily. The aim here is to get you the workspace of your choice booked asap.

It’s Quick, it’s Simple to Use, and It’s Cost Effective.

Everything is online – even payment.

2. Request a Quote Online

for the space that you think best suits your event. You will be required to fill out a request form; the venue will respond back with a proposal.

When you request a quote online, it takes just five minutes and we collect the relevant info, such as the date and timing of the event, the number of people, the equipment required, F&B, accommodation requirements (sleeping rooms), and your budget.


All bookings and requests are confirmed by email. Enjoy your workspace! And if you need assistance or have any questions or feedback, you can contact us directly at

Book your pop-up shops or pop-up events, exhibitions, or social gatherings to make them memorable, or try out our fluidmeet app!

“For us consultants, the last thing we need is a convoluted process for booking a training room. With fluidmeet, the process was simple. Search, select and pay. It couldn’t get any easier.” Ahmed Akber, Managing Director of ACK Consultancy.

Do you want to rent an office space, or book banquets, halls, or corporate event spaces that are convenient for your business?  Then contact us at fluidmeet, and we can assist you.

Download the fluidmeet App now!

fluidmeet google play app
fluidmeet iOS app

 It’s your time, your choice. We will make and guarantee availability for you.

Blog Prepared by fluidmeet Staff Writer

Author: Maha Ahmad

About fluidmeet:

Established in 2015, fluidmeet is a leading online market place and an emerging booking and venue management platform that “connects” individuals and corporates seeking rental of serviced offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and banquet halls with venues and their hosts in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

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