best location for your serviced office in Dubai

Top 5 Factors for Selecting the Best Location for Your Serviced Office in Dubai

Shopping for a serviced office in Dubai, but aren’t sure of the location? Dubai offers great opportunities in terms of location for your serviced offices. That’s exactly what makes it hard to settle on the ideal situation. If you have already short-listed two or three locations, go for the one that ticks most of the following boxes:


A Business Hub

A good place for renting a serviced office is in or near a business hub. Business Bay along with other prominent business districts, is considered the best location for your serviced office in Dubai. With a serviced office in Business Bay, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Business Bay is a developing business community where you will find many multinational and local companies thriving together. With all these companies in the same place, you have the opportunity to improve your business network. You can host collaborations easily since employees and clients will find it easier to commute.
  • There is a built-in business culture. Make sure you can foster a professional and productive relationship with your neighbors in the business center so you can leverage their experience, network, and skills.
  • It sets a good impression on your clients. Your brand visibility improves since this is an area with good foot traffic. If you are a B2B company, then you’ll have access to more clients. Your logo on your office door will be enough advertisement for you.
  • You can benefit from the customer traffic of nearby businesses.

A Place with expansion possibilities

When starting new, it’s our basic assumption that our offices will grow in the near future. That’s why you are in business. You’ll likely grow in the future. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have room for expansion. Ask your serviced provider how he will accommodate your growing business needs in the future. Will extra space be available on demand? Shifting offices in a new business can be risky for a new company. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead and choose a location for your serviced office that offers expansion possibilities.

Scenic Views

Panoramic views are an important consideration for the location of your serviced office. Research shows that your office aesthetic affects productivity. Lots of natural light, plants, and even artwork on the walls boost productivity. Most of our employees spend long hours in front of their computer screens. This adds stress to their eyes, and in the long term leads to fatigue and headaches. Good aesthetics allow our eyes to re-focus and adjust. This has a positive impact on your employee’s attitude and productivity.

Also, when you invite your clients to your offices, you can set a good impression on them. Wow them with a great view by renting a serviced office in Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lake Towers. The ocean or lake lapping outside the office windows can have a calming impact on both your employees and clients. Less resistance with better views.

Recognizable Landmark

Serviced Offices in Dubai are in demand as they offer prestigious locations. Having your office in or near a recognizable landmark like Sheikh Zayed Road or Downtown lends credibility to your business. Plus, you’ll find it easier to give direction for your office to potential clients and employees.

Access to Easy Transport Network

Not all your employees have cars or driving licenses. With the traffic situation as it is in Dubai, many people prefer to travel by Dubai Metro to save time, cost, and energy. Metro transports roughly 329,000 people each day. Make it easier for your employees to commute from home by choosing a location that is within walking distance of a Metro station. With your employees happy, the business will definitely be more productive. Employees will arrive on time. There will be less absenteeism. And when you hire new employees, you can mention the presence of a Metro nearby.

Parking Facility

Your employees and clients need a parking space. Ideally, this should be included in your serviced office contract. Ask your service provider about parking spots. Will you get a parking space? If so, how many parking spots will you get? What about your customers and clients? Is there visitor parking? Where will they park? Find out about parking fees.


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