Commercial License & Office Space Requirements in Dubai

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With EXPO 2020 around the corner, plenty of companies have decided to establish their operations in Dubai. From advertising and media companies to trading and manufacturing firms, Dubai is quickly becoming home to all sorts of new ventures with its concerted efforts to innovate and revitalize traditional business models. But before you get into Dubai, there are a few things you should know when setting up a shop.

Business Address Required For Commercial License

As opposed to establishing your office from the garage or basement, Dubai, like much of the Middle East links the business address to commercial real estate. Therefore, a business address within a commercial building is required to complete your commercial license proceedings.

However, many ventures want to make sure that the capital investments made will be the right ones. So rather than splurging all your money on the right office suite, furniture, and amenities (Wi-Fi, water & electricity, whiteboard, printer, etc.), many organizations choose to test the market with a small serviced office, that includes furniture & amenities and begin scaling soon thereafter. In Dubai, the requirement for the office space has to be a minimum of 200 sq. ft. and you’ll get your tenancy contract to complete your licensing process at the Department of Economic Development.

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But unless you are going to each of these centers directly, it can be a long and onerous process. And the last thing you want are brokers who are looking out for their best interest, rather than yours. So you will have to manually check the centers’ websites (if they even have a website), call them individually, use a map application to understand the general vicinity and proximity to where you’d like to be, and set up a meeting with the venue hosts and hope they’ll be around at the agreed time. All of these obstacles could create challenges to your office space search. In the back of your mind, you’re wishing there was some sort of platform where you could view all the different options, see their pictures, understand the amenities offered within the serviced office package, and understand where they’re located.

Let fluidmeet Help You Establish Your Business

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Enter Fluidmeet. We have simplified the process completely. Now you can browse through all the serviced office listings in Dubai (and other cities in the Region). On each listing page, you will be able to view numerous pictures, info on amenities offered at the venue, precise location & prices at different rental periods (month, quarter, 6 months, or annual). You can compare different listings and then request tours or callbacks from the venues (hosts) whose office packages you like best. Some of them even have free sponsorship to attract the right business to set up a shop on their premises. Rather than spend a couple of days on research and calls, you can now (through www.fluidmeet.com) spend up to an hour or 2 to set up meetings or calls with the venues that provide you with the best options.

The next time you are looking to establish a new company, subsidiary, or operation, check out fluidmeet for the best office space options. Find your workspace!

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