Why I #UseFluidmeet: Conducting interviews at coffee shops

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How often have you met at a coffee shop for an interview? It’s an informal meeting so you’re alright with the thought. But then again, it dawns on you that you’re competing with everyone else around you for a share of the recruiter’s eyes, ears, and mind. You have prepared very hard for this interview. You need their focus to be on you and only you. Then, their eyes begin to wander and you start thinking, if only we were in a more secluded or isolated place. Or what’s around me that has begun to distract them. “I wish I had booked an office or a meeting room.”

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In more cases than not, that probably would have been a wise decision. You’re not meeting with a friend or colleague. You’re speaking to someone who could possibly connect you to the next stage in your career or professional life. So why wouldn’t you invest some time and money into booking an appropriate place and circumvent the possibility of a coffee shop? You need to capture the interviewer’s/recruiter’s attention by all means. And how much would it cost? You can get a private office for two hours for as little as 100 dirhams. Is this job worth less than 100 AED? Usually, the answer to that is no. And the bonus is that the coffee/tea is free. So if you deduct that from what you would have been paying at a café, then the workspace cost comes to 60 dirhams. Now tell me, is this interview worth 60 dirhams? Besides the financial savings, you’re also showing your level of commitment toward professionalizing the process and elevating the importance of meeting with them.

Next time you’re thinking to meet with a recruiter to sell yourself for the next job, why don’t you think of booking a meeting room for a couple of hours? Coffee is on me. Find your workspace today!

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