Why I #UseFluidmeet: Let’s meet in the office

How often does the boss say, “let’s meet back in the office”? And the office is a good hour away, half-hour without traffic. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking, even wishing, that the office was closer or that your boss would come to where you are. But sometimes, that doesn’t happen. It’s not easy finding a place that has the same perks as an office. It’s your second home with an ample amount of privacy that you wouldn’t find in a coffee shop. The distractions are minimal as you’ve gotten used to the inspirational/motivational posters on the wall...

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Office space is really expensive

Office space is getting really expensive. No matter how hard you haggle, it just never seems to be the price you should be paying. Beyond the discussion of possible supply/demand economics, let’s talk about basic utilization. If you are an SME or Start-Up, you need to look at how much of your office space you actually use Simple Math Let’s do some quick math. If you’re paying roughly 200,000 dirhams per year on your office, and you’re using 50% of the space, that means you have 100,000 dirhams’ worth of organizational overspending. Ok, so that example might be a little...

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Discussing confidential work at a coffee shop

When you're sitting at a cafe, have you ever gotten so paranoid that you begin to look over your shoulders when you're working on something top secret? As confidential as your work is, rarely is there ever a competitive intelligence person sitting behind you taking pictures of your laptop screen. Or is there? But what about talking about company-specific information and having to skip certain words or use the famous "You know, the first thing and the second thing". (more…)

Hotel Meeting Room Rental for Standout Events

Dubai is the perfect place to host events. A business and entertainment hub, Dubai is a city that is growing rapidly, and the lifestyles of those who live and work in the city can move just as fast. When it is time for a corporate event, important meeting, or even a private celebration, then a hotel meeting room or other hotel venues could be exactly what you need to make a lasting impression. (more…)

Rent Conference Rooms in Dubai’s Premier Establishments

Dubai’s location between Europe and Asia, and its reputation as a business hotbed, have made it one of the fastest growing, and most successful economies in the UAE. Some of the world’s largest companies are headquartered or have regional offices in Dubai, which means that there is a high demand for professional and corporate services, such as catering, outsourcing, and even event planning. Even start-ups and SMEs can benefit from corporate events. and one of the most common types of events would have to be the business conference. The good news is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes...

Dubai Meeting Room Hire for Today’s Businesses

Dubai has fast become one of the largest and most exciting business and entertainment hubs in the world. Conveniently located in the middle of Europe and Asia, Dubai can be the perfect place to meet, conduct business, and organize your local or global operations. Whether or not you have your own commercial space in Dubai, you will at times need a venue for meeting with clients, customers, or investors, and for that, you would want a modern meeting room with all the amenities that dynamic businesses demand. Fluidmeet provides world-class meeting rooms in Dubai, as well as training rooms, all...

Dubai Banquet Hall Hire for any Event

As a world leader in financial services, construction, real estate, tourism, and energy, Dubai has become a shining business hub on the Arabian Peninsula. Home to thousands of the world's most successful businesses, Dubai has become a place not only to work but to relax and play. Whether you're organizing an event for a corporate function, or are arranging a special birthday party or family gathering, Fluidmeet can help you to find banquet halls in Dubai to suit any occasion. (more…)