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Finding Focus and Staying Motivated by not working from office

Motivation is rather indescribable, isn’t it? Some days you feel it, and other days you can’t grab a measly corner of it no matter how hard you try, especially if you’re not working from office.

You stare at the computer screen, willing yourself to type, create, and instead you find yourself simply going through the motions, barely caring about the work you’re producing. Unfortunate to say, you’re totally dull, and you don’t know how to make yourself feel otherwise.

Here are 4 tips to stay motivated when not working from office:

  1. Know your ‘why’

    Knowing the why, and the how will automatically become clear.  It is the why which is the most powerful motivator there is. It’s what separates great leaders (and doers) from everyone else. Once you know your “why”, the motivation comes easily.

    First, step back and create a to-do list that covers all the ideas, projects, tasks, moving through your head.

    Next, try to look at it from a different perspective by reflecting on the following questions:

    1. Why is this task, project, or item important?
    2. Who does it impact?
    3. How does it relate to my personal or professional life?
  2. Emotions play a ‘key’ role in your decision making

    Each of your tasks has a ‘motion’ attached to it and once you answer the ‘why’ it helps you find a motion, which is your action basically towards that task.  Once you connect to the why you can shift your energy from “have to” to “want to.” If you can’t find the emotion or the why

    then it can help you re-evaluate the items on your task list i.e. is it really important? is it something that can be delegated? Once the above is determined, it is best to prioritize in a way by making a list that


    • I should attend the networking event
    • I should start learning Arabic as it can help me in my meetings

      By using the ‘shoulds’ it becomes easier to identify the tasks and give them importance individually.

  3. Find yourself the perfect workspace

    Is it only us or working at the office does become monotonous for you as well?
    Here in Dubai, life is on a constant run,

    and changing your routine only makes one productive and efficient in the long run.
    What if we tell you that there’s a one-stop shop that actually allows you to book meeting rooms, banquet halls, event spaces,

    and even co-working spaces online?

    Sounds good…isn’t it? If it does, you are at the right place at the right time, all you have to do is log onto: fluidmeet or book a coworking space or office for a day, all online.

  4. Celebrate Wins

    Start acknowledging all the good you are doing. Don’t discount the little things. I mean, how many times do you scold yourself for doing something small that wasn’t perfect? How often do you think the good things such as being on time, or signing a new client are

    simply how it’s meant to be? They need to celebrate. You need more wins in your life. This will motivate you while not working from office, encourage you, and help you see how brilliant you truly are. ~ Kai Ashley We often wait for the big deals and playoffs that we forget to reward ourselves for the little wins we deserve, you don’t need to celebrate big but once in a while when you know you’ve done a good job, it’s good to treat yourself, it could be as simple as

    taking a staycation, or going to the mall, or hitting the spa. Small advancements are equally important and once we start celebrating they too become a motivating factor towards our becoming successful.

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