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Someone explain to me what is a Coworking space

Coworking space is a new workspace trend in most metropolitan cities including Dubai. They are growing both in number and popularity. Now you hear so many of your freelancing friends telling you great things about their coworking space, the environment, the “feel”, the people, and just about everything in there. And you might be wondering what is a coworking space? I will cover the basics and benefits of co-working spaces in Dubai and whether you should look for one yourself.    What is a Coworking space? Co-working space is the contemporary form of a shared office. Many entrepreneurs and freelancers...
Serviced Offices

Should I go for the big serviced office providers or local ones?

According to The Emerging Market Serviced Office Review 2015, serviced office providers have grown by 10.25% within 12 months. This growth has been observed worldwide including in the Middle East and Europe. Serviced Office Providers complete a gap in commercial office rent providers. They offer fully furnished office spaces to new, small, and expanding businesses. As these providers are evolving, different breeds of them are emerging. You can now choose between big serviced office providers or local ones. Each of them offers its own unique benefits. Choosing one over the other depends solely on your needs and demands. Since serviced...

Why I #UseFluidmeet: Discussing confidential work at a coffee shop

When you're sitting at a cafe, have you ever gotten so paranoid that you begin to look over your shoulders when you're working on something top secret? As confidential as your work is, rarely is there ever a competitive intelligence person sitting behind you taking pictures of your laptop screen. Or is there? But what about talking about company-specific information and having to skip certain words or use the famous "You know, the first thing and the second thing". (more…)