Why I #UseFluidmeet: Discussing confidential work at a coffee shop

confidential work at a workspace

When you’re sitting at a cafe, have you ever gotten so paranoid that you begin to look over your shoulders when you’re working on something top secret? As confidential as your work is, rarely is there ever a competitive intelligence person sitting behind you taking pictures of your laptop screen. Or is there? But what about talking about company-specific information and having to skip certain words or use the famous “You know, the first thing and the second thing”.

Anxiety aside, it’s tough to get work done productively and efficiently at a coffee shop. It’s hard to deliver the right message without worrying that someone is listening in on the conversation or watching the document you have laid out to discuss with your colleague. Moreover, the noise levels in coffee shops can be distracting and waiters asking you if you need anything, every 5 minutes, can get annoying. So what drove you to a coffee shop? Well, there might be a plethora of reasons, from lack of suitable workspace where and when you need it, to conveniently finding a suitable place that the both of you can agree on. In summary, you will sometimes need your own flexible workspace to set up shop for a few hours, discuss the confidential work with your colleague, client, or partner, then vacate.

Next time, don’t aggravate yourself. Be at ease. Book a workspace wherever you need it whenever you need it. Make the meeting as fluid as it needs to be. Let fluidmeet help you find the perfect workspace for you for the few hours/days you need. Find your workspace today!

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