5 tips to stay Motivated at Work Throughout 2018

It’s not only these tips that will help you stay motivated. Each person has their own motivation factors and we have selected the ones which can be implemented easily without wasting a lot of time and effort. We don’t want to disrupt your overall routine for a working person.

  1. Ask for a raise

    If you have invested your time and effort in a firm, it is best to get recognised. There’s no way someone will be looking after you until and unless you take that step for yourself. So, if you’re committed to your job but need more to keep you motivated, it could be time to ask for a raise. There’s no way better way about this rather than having a conversation. Be sure not to give an ultimatum.

  2. Take Breaks & Avoid Boredom

    If your work has the flexibility of working from anywhere, as far as you have high speed Wi-Fi, tailored desk, and unlimited amount of coffee and water to keep you fuelled up at less than AED 49 a day, you should definitely visit fluidmeet.com, and book yourself some co-working spaces maybe 2-3 days a week. This will help break the monotony of the routine as well.

  3. Set a goal!

    Make sure this goal is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely based.

    Examples of Smart goals are here:

    • Reduce the customer response times from the Customer Service Team from 48 hours to 24 hours, by completing process improvement activities, within this fiscal year.
    • Develop a quality improvement process for the Data analysis system, which reduces the failure rate to 1% by 20th December 2019.
    • Double my website’s traffic within the next 12 months, by providing top quality content and solutions to my readers.

    This way it makes it easy to track yourself, and it often also allows you to have a routine, because if everyday you start with smart goals and end with it, there’s something to look forward to and it only becomes an additional motivational booster.

  4. Pull the trigger. Be action oriented.

    It’s always best to be action oriented, it is okay to make mistakes and everyone makes them but if you never take an action, nobody will be able to correct the mistakes. Mistakes only makes one stronger and gives them a better learning experience. The next time you won’t do the same mistake.  In addition, if you see someone doing similar things, you would recommend them a solution.

  5. Upskill yourself

    Increase your value at work by learning a new skill.

    • Developing new skills and showing an eagerness to learn makes you more attractive to current and prospective employers.
    • Staying relevant and up-to-date in your field can protect your position in your company as well as possibly open up new opportunities.
    • Upskilling may give you a professional edge. If an employer is considering multiple people for a position, the fact that you’ve recently obtained new skills may just put you ahead of the competition!
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